Explorando la estructura de nuestra máquina de plántulas

mayo 08,2024

Discover the inner workings of our Seedling Machine! From the seedbed soil auxiliary funnel to the earth covering removing brush, each component plays a vital role in revolutionizing the planting process.

Let’s explore how our machine ensures precise and efficient seed placement for optimal growth.

1. Seedbed Soil Auxiliary Funnel

The seedbed soil auxiliary funnel is a crucial component of our seedling machine, designed for storing nutrient soil. It allows for the convenient addition of nutrient-rich soil to the planting process, providing an optimal growing environment for the seeds.

Seedling Machine
Seedling Machine

2. Seeded Soil Revolving Brush

Equipped with a hairbrush, the seeded soil revolving brush plays a vital role in the planting process. It smoothes over the nutrient soil and plug tray, ensuring a smooth surface for the seeds to be planted.

3. Hole Digging Function

The hole digging function not only digs holes for seed placement but also features a press function to firmly secure the seeds in place. Each hole is precisely dug to accommodate one seed, ensuring accurate planting.

4. Seed Funnel

máquina de plántulas de vivero comercial
máquina de plántulas de vivero comercial

The seed funnel is the most important part of the machine. After the hole is dug, seeds are released from the seed funnel, with one seed dropping into each prepared hole. This ensures precise seed placement and eliminates the risk of overcrowding.

5. Earth Covering Funnel

The earth covering funnel is used to put nutrient soil into the plug tray, covering the seeds. It ensures that the seeds are adequately covered, providing them with an ideal growing environment.

6. Earth Covering Removing Brush

Sembradora de viveros a buen precio.
Sembradora de viveros a buen precio.

After all the planting processes are complete, the earth covering removing brush covers the tray with earth, ensuring that the seeds are adequately covered. This final step provides the seeds with the ideal conditions for germination and growth.

Through the perfect combination of these components, our seedling machine achieves automation and precision in the planting process, providing the best environment and conditions for seed growth.