Application of our silage baler in Algeria

As a supplier of silage round baler machines, I am thrilled to announce our recent successful deal with a client from Algeria.

This transaction signifies a significant breakthrough for our company in the international market. Here’s a look at our collaboration with this client and the key factors involved in the deal.

Attraction to Bearing Technology

Our Algerian client expressed strong interest in our motorized silage round baler machine.

They were particularly drawn to the bearing technology equipped in the machine, recognizing it as a crucial factor in enhancing productivity and reducing maintenance costs.

Our sales manager showcased the efficient and reliable bearing system of our machine to the client, elaborating on its advantages and performance.

Meeting Special Requirements


The client requested a silage round baler machine equipped with a 2.5-cubic-meter hopper.

In response to their specific needs, we engaged in detailed discussions and provided a customized solution to ensure our product fully met the client’s requirements.

Maintaining close communication with the client, we ensured a thorough understanding and fulfillment of their needs.

Addressing Challenges: Requirement for Letter of Credit

In processing this order, we faced the challenge of the Algerian requirement for imports and exports to be accompanied by a Letter of Credit.

exported silage baler
exported silage baler

While the issuance of a Letter of Credit typically takes time, we collaborated with the client to ensure smooth progress. Actively coordinating and working with the client, we resolved all related matters to ensure timely delivery of the order.

Commencement of Long-term Collaboration

This deal is not just a single sales transaction but marks the beginning of a partnership with our client. By meeting their needs and providing high-quality products and services, we have earned the trust and recognition of our client.

We look forward to further collaboration with the client and are committed to maintaining our service standards to deliver more value to them.

Sustained Growth through Client Collaboration

We will continue to work closely with the client, continually improving our products and services to meet their evolving needs.

Over time, we anticipate expanding our influence in the Algerian market and providing more value to our clients.

The purchase of eight machines underscores the trust and confidence our client has in our products and services, further solidifying our partnership and paving the way for continued success in the future.