Industry Main Products

Equipment in the assortment can handle most agricultural jobs. Please read for more detailed machine information.

Corn & Grains Grinding Equipment

Grinding various grains into granules, powder.

Grains Peeling Machine

Peeling soybean, sesame, cocoa beans, etc.

Thresher and Sheller

Obtain kernels from various grains.

Nursery & Transplanter

Nursery seedlings and then transplant.

Silage Machine

Cut the forage into sections, knead the silk, wrap it, and form a bundle.

Manual Tractor

Walking tractor can work with different farm machines


Corn, wheat, peanuts, all can be harvested.

Rice Mill

Rice mill machine process paddy into white rice.


The machine can sow wheat, corn, peanuts, vegetables.


Other equipment related to agriculture.

Why Choose Us

We have 10 years of experience in foreign trade, which can solve customer needs safely and efficiently

Professional answer

Our sales manager are very knowledgeable about our machines. They can recommend you the suitable machine according to your personal needs.

Comprehensive service

First, fully understand customer's needs and recommend suitable machines. Second, a detailed information quotation will be provided. We accept many forms of payment methods. Finally, arrange packing and shipping for customers.

High quality products

We use reasonable design and high-quality materials. All our customers are satisfied with the quality of our machines.

Rich export experience

We have more than 10 years export experience. We can solve most of the problems, such as custom machines, payment methods, shipping methods, etc.

Complete certificate

We have ISO 9001 certificate and most products have CE certificate.We can also get PVOC,SONCAP ,SABER and Preferential C/O to help customers do import clearance easily.

Strong technical support

If necessary, we will arrange our technicians to help you install the machine. We can also solve the problems you have when installing and using the machine through video.
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Our Cases

In the spirit of For Farmers, For Agriculture, For Better Life. We have exported our machines to many countries. And established a long-term cooperative relationship.


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