How to choose the most suitable transplanter machine?

November 21,2023

As agriculture strides into modernization, the spotlight is on self-propelled and crawler-type transplanter machines.

To better meet the demands of agricultural production, we present a comprehensive comparison of these two machines to assist farmers in making informed decisions when purchasing equipment.

Self-Propelled Transplanter Machine:

  1. Suited for small working rows, such as 2 rows and 4 rows. However, it is strongly discouraged for planting areas exceeding 4 rows.
  2. Not recommended for planting spaces less than 15 centimeters.
  3. Primarily designed for small fields, such as greenhouses, large plots, hilly terrain, and can also efficiently work with ridges. Its compact size and user-friendly operation make it suitable for various environments.
Self-Propelled Transplanter Machine
Self-Propelled Transplanter Machine

Crawler-Type Transplanter Machine:

  1. The most significant difference from self-propelled machines lies in the wheels. Crawler-type machines adopt caterpillar tracks, akin to tanks, providing greater stability with a special frame during operation.
  2. Ideal for narrow planting spaces and row spacing, such as 10×10 centimeters with high planting density. The Plant-Row configuration can range from 2 to 12 rows. Thus, for scenarios with smaller planting spaces and higher planting density, choosing a crawler-type transplanter machine is recommended.
  3. Mainly designed for large farmlands, particularly flat terrains without ridges. The crawler-type machine demonstrates high working efficiency, especially in flat and open areas.
Crawler-Type Transplanter Machine
Crawler-Type Transplanter Machine


Through this comprehensive comparison, farmers can make well-informed choices based on their planting needs, field size, and topography. Self-propelled machines suit smaller, flexible planting scenarios, while crawler-type machines excel in larger-scale, high-density planting environments.

When selecting a transplanter machine, aligning it with the practical conditions of the field will undoubtedly enhance agricultural productivity and convenience.