Sesame seed washing and peeling machine sold to Burkina Faso

With the continuous progress and development of the agricultural field, the yield of various crops is getting higher and higher. Technological developments are also driving changes in the way people cultivate and handle crops. Now large-volume sesame growers generally use nursery seedling machines to cultivate sesame seedlings.

Planting sesame seedlings with machines not only saves a lot of manpower, but also has high quality and high survival rate. After harvesting of the sesame, most of people choose to use a sesame peeling machine. It can save much time and man power. Also, its output is high, which can meet people’s daily need. Therefore, the sesame peeling machine is very popular with everyone.

Brief introduction of black sesame peeling machine

Our client is from Burkina Faso and he speaks French. We have enough ability to face a variety of  language customers and provide them with effective information and solutions. After a period of communication with our salesman and comparison with many other merchants. The customer finally chose to buy two sesame peeling machines from us.

black sesame peeling machine
black sesame peeling machine

Structure of sesame peeler

The machine is mainly includes a reducer, a tank, a compound agitator, a separator, a heater, a positioning device, and various inlet and outlet pipes.

The working flow of black sesame peeling machine

First pour the sesame seeds and water into the bucket, and start the device. The reducer drives the mixer to rotate. And due to the structural characteristics of the compound mixer, the material tumbles up and down. So the tumbling friction will peel the sesame skin off.

The working principle of the sesame peeler peeling process

The relative friction between the mixer and the sesame seeds can separate sesame seeds and the kernels. So as to achieve the purpose of peeling the sesame.

Why buy sesame deeds washing and seeding machine from us?

  1. The sesame peeling machine is a vertical structure, the internal space can be fully utilized, the volume is small and the structure is simple.
  2. The black sesame seeds peeling machine is of good quality, durable and high working efficiency.
  3. The sesame peeler has beautiful appearance, easy operation and low maintenance rate.
  4. Our machines are of high quality and can provide professional machine solutions.
  5. We are able to provide customers with online instructions on how to use the machine and how to install the machine.
  6. Before shipping each piece of machine, we will test it and adjust it. In order to make sure each machine is undamaged and functioning properly.

Packaging and shipping of the sesame peeler machine

Before shipping, we will pack the machine in wooden boxes to ensure that the machine is not damaged. And will send the packaging and loading pictures to our customers.