Silage round baler 丨silage making machine

Silage round baler is equipment commonly used by farmers to process forage. Because coated forages are easy to store for long periods of time. At the same time, the volume of the forage that has been bundled and wrapped becomes smaller, which will save more space. Usually, it is better to use a grass cutter to work with this silage baler. Because the forage processed by the grass cutting machine is filamentous, with strong adhesion, it is easy to be bundled.

What is the silage round baler?

Now we have two models of silage round baler. One is TS-55-52 and the other is TZ-70-70. The size of the bales varies from model to model. For the TS-55-52 model, the length of the bale is 55 cm and the diameter of the bale is 52 cm. The machine of this model is available in automatic and semi-automatic versions. And the length and diameter of the TZ-70-70 are both 70 cm. These Baling and wrapping machines are suitable for baling corn straw, wheat straw, straw, grass, etc. They can be powered by diesel engines and electric motors.

Type1: TS-55-52 automatic silage making machine

The TS-55-52 silage making machine can pack all kinds of forage and straw into bales. The entire baling process is fully automatic. And people simply place the chopped hay on the conveyor belt. This type of machine can be equipped with an electric motor or a diesel engine. In addition, an air compressor is required. Because the air compressor is used to control the switch of the silo. To achieve full automation of the machine. This type of machine can be bundled with straw rope or net rope. The fully automatic baling and wrapping machine is easy to operate and saves manpower.

Techinical parameter of the silage making machine

Power5.5+1.1kw,  3 phase
Bale sizeΦ550*520mm
Diesel engine15 hp
Baling speed40-50 piece/h, 4-5t/h
Machine weight850kg
Bale weight65-100kg/bale
Bale density450-500kg/m³
Rope consumption2.5kg/t
Wrapping machine power1.1-3kw ,  3 phase
Film wrapping speed13s for 2 layer film ,19s for 3 layer film
silage making machine’s parameter

How does the silage baler work?

working video of our silage baler

Type 2: Semi-automatic baling and wrapping machine

The semi-automatic baling and wrapping machine needs to manually open the bin door, manually push the bale to the baling table, and manually press the button to wrap the film. The power of this model of the round baler can also be a diesel engine and an electric motor. The bale size of this model is the same as the TS-55-52 automatic silage packing machine. Because it is a semi-automatic machine, the price is lower. But more labor is required. Customers can choose suitable machine models according to their own situation.

Working process of the semi-automatic silage baler

semi-automatic silage baler’s working video

Type 3: TZ-70-70 round silage packing machine

TZ-70-70 is also a fully automatic round silage packing machine. The power of this type of machine can only be the motor. And this model of machine uses a net rope for baling. This type of machine is double-film winding, and the efficiency of film-wrapping is higher. The machine can be combined with a chaff cutter and a mixer. The grass cutter machine processes the forage into silk flocks. And then enters the mixer. The agitated forage enters the conveyor belt of the round silage baling wrapping machine. Three machines work together more efficiently.

What is the specifications of the hay baler

Model TZ-70-70
Power11kw+0.55kw+0.75kw+3kw+0.37kw electric motor
Bale sizeΦ70*70cm
Bale weight150-200kg/bale
Air compressor volume0.36m³
Feeding conveyor(W*L)700*2100mm
Filming cuttingAutomatic
Wrapping efficiency6layers need 22s
hay baler’s parameter

Working video of our forage baler wrapper machine

forage baler wrapper machine’s working video

Features of this silage making machine

1. Double film winding, the film wrapping efficiency is higher. Work more efficiently. And can save a lot of time.

2. Binding with net rope. The baling effect of the net rope will be better.

3. The size of the bale is larger. Can handle large amounts of forage quickly.

Components of the silage round baler

The three models of machines have similar structures. They all have conveyor belts, baling chambers, wrapping tables, film unwinding devices, and power. Different models of machines have different structures. Each model of machine has its own characteristics. The following is a schematic diagram of the general structure of the machine.

silage round baler's structure
silage round baler’s structure

Silage packing machine sent to Guatemala

A client from Guatemala, via our youtube channel. He contacts us and says you need a fully automatic baler wrapping machine. After fully understanding the customer’s needs, our salesman recommended the TS-55-52 automatic baling and wrapping machine to the customer. After addressing various concerns of the customer, the customer finally decided to buy one. The following is the packaging and delivery diagram of the machine.