Комбинированный автоматический рисофрезерный станок 15T/D

Combined automatic rice milling machine stands as the perfect solution for your rice processing needs. It seamlessly integrates advanced technology with efficient operations, offering unparalleled productivity and versatility.

From cleaning to milling, this machine automates the entire process, ensuring every grain of rice produced meets consistently high standards of quality.

Whether you aim to boost productivity, reduce labor costs, or maintain a competitive edge in the bustling milling industry, investing in our combined automatic rice milling machine is a wise choice.

15TD combined automatic rice milling machine for sale
15TD combined automatic rice milling machine for sale

Внедрение рисовой мельницы с наждачными роликами

Automatic rice milling machines are capable of transforming brown rice into white rice efficiently. Equipped with emery rollers, these machines are specially designed for milling long-grain rice varieties.

Our range of automatic rice milling machines includes models such as MNMS15B, MNMS18, and MNMS25, each offering varying capacities per hour to suit diverse production requirements. With compact footprints and high operational efficiency, these machines ensure minimal rice breakage and efficient separation of rice bran.

Moreover, when integrated into a combined rice milling machine production line, the collective use of multiple rice milling machines further enhances milling efficiency and reduces the incidence of broken rice. Tailor the number of rice milling machines to your specific needs and experience heightened productivity in your rice processing operations.

машина для рисовой мельницы с наждачным роликом
машина для рисовой мельницы с наждачным роликом

Конструкция рисовой фрезы

The automatic rice milling machine includes a hopper, emery roller, sieve, handle, weights, air clearer, outlet, etc.

Конструкция рисовой фрезы
Конструкция рисовой фрезы

The function of the parts of the emery roller automatic rice milling machine

  1. Бункер: в этот бункер будет помещаться коричневый рис.
  2. Наждачный валик и сито: рис растирается между наждачным валиком и ситом. И рисовые отруби упали с ширмы.
  3. Ручка: вы можете контролировать количество падающего коричневого риса, поворачивая ручку.
  4. Вес: вы можете регулировать вес, чтобы регулировать степень помола риса.
  5. Очиститель воздуха: выдуйте отруби из машины.
  6. Выходное отверстие: измельченный рис будет выгружаться через выпускное отверстие.
15TD combined automatic rice milling machine
15TD combined automatic rice milling machine

Принцип работы полировщика риса

The brown rice is fed into the whitening chamber through the feeding hopper in the automatic rice milling machine. From there, it is directed to the emery roller by the screw head, where it spirals along the roller’s surface.

As the emery roller rotates at a specific linear speed, the sharp sand edges on its surface effectively grind away the brown rice husk. Simultaneously, the blower operates to facilitate the separation of bran powder from the rice grains, pushing it out through the sieve.

Parameter of the рисовая мельница machine

МодельПроизводительность(т/ч)Мощность (кВт)Размер(Д*Ш*В)
Параметры машины для полировки риса
автоматическая машина для измельчения риса
автоматическая машина для измельчения риса

Характеристики рисовой фрезы на продажу

  1. Молотый рис хорошего качества, рисовые отруби аккуратно отделяются.
  2. The finished rice is white and bright, the rice temperature is low, and the broken rice rate is low. And the rice is conducive to storage.
  3. Small footprint, high working efficiency, and easy operation.
  4. Using a strong gush of wind, the air volume of into whitening cabin is twice that of the traditional rice whitener. So that makes rice has a lower temperature and high efficiency.
  5. Use the rear motor, and elevating belt tensioning device, easy to adjust and maintain.
  6. Balancing output, matching in different emery roller, iron roller, or combination of iron roller and emery roller. It can form a multichannel whitening way, more output, lower power, and better efficiency.

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In conclusion, our automatic rice milling machines offer unmatched efficiency and precision in rice processing. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we ensure that every unit delivers optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, we offer a range of rice mill models catering to different production capacities.

Whether you require a smaller capacity unit or a larger-scale rice milling solution, we have the expertise and technology to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.

commercial automatic rice milling machine
commercial automatic rice milling machine