15T/D combined automatic rice milling machine

Introduction of the emery roller rice mill machine

Rice mill machines can process brown rice into white rice. Emery roller rice mill machine means the rice milling machine with emery roller. Usually, the emery roller rice milling machine mills the long grain rice. We have different machine models for different capacities per hour. The model includes MNMS15B, MNMS18, MNMS25. The machine has the characteristics of small floor space, high working efficiency, low rice broken rate, and clean separation of rice bran. etc. You can use this single machine for home use. Also, you can use this machine in conjunction with the combined rice milling machine production line. More rice milling machines, The more rice mills are used in the rice milling machine production line, the higher the efficiency of rice milling and the lower the rate of broken rice. You can choose the number of the rice milling machine according to your needs.

emery roller rice mill machine
emery roller rice mill machine

The structure of the rice milling machine

The rice milling machine includes hopper, emery roller, sieve, handle, weights, air clearer, outlet etc.

The function of the parts of the emery roller rice mill machine

  1. Hopper: the brown rice will be put into this hopper.
  2. Emery roller and sieve: the rice is rubbed between the emery roller and the screen. And the rice bran fell from the screen.
  3. Handle: you can control the brown rice dropping quantity by twisting the handle.
  4. Weights: You can adjust the weights so that to adjust the degree of rice milling.
  5. Air clearer: blow the bran out of the machine.
  6. Outlet: the milled rice will be discharged through the outlet.
structure of the rice milling machine
structure of the rice milling machine

The working principle of the rice polisher

The brown rice enters the whitening chamber from the feeding hopper. And then the brown rice is sent to the emery roller by the screw head, and spirally advances along the surface of the emery roller. Then, the emery roller rotates at a certain linear speed, and the sharp sand edge on its surface grinds the brown rice skin. At the same time, the blower is also working to force the bran powder to separate from the rice grains and out of the sieve.

Parameter of the rice polishing machine

Parameter of the rice polishing machine

The features of rice milling machine for sale

  1. The milled rice is of good quality, and the rice bran is separated cleanly.
  2. The finished rice is white and bright, and the rice temperature is low, and the broken rice rate is low. And the rice is conducive to storage.
  3. Small footprint, high working efficiency and easy operation.
  4. Using strong gush of wind, air volume of into whitening cabin is twice than the traditional rice whitener. So that make rice has a lower temperature and high efficiency.
  5. Use the rear motor, elevating belt tensioning device, easy to adjust and maintain.
  6. Balancing output, matching in different emery roller, iron roller or combination of iron roller and emery roller. That it can form a multichannel whitening way, more output, lower power and better efficiency.