Hydraulic oil pressing machine exported to Canada

As a leading supplier of hydraulic oil pressing machines, we are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable oil extraction solutions to our global customers.

Recently, our hydraulic oil pressing machine was successfully sold to Canada. The client, a company specializing in sesame products, primarily uses the machine for extracting high-quality sesame oil.

Customer requirements

Hydraulic oil pressing machine for business
Hydraulic oil pressing machine for business

The Canadian sesame products company is committed to producing high-quality sesame oil and has established a strong market reputation.

To meet the increasing market demand, they needed a machine that could provide a high oil yield and stable performance. After thorough research and comparison, they chose our hydraulic oil pressing machine.


Our hydraulic oil pressing machine won the customer’s favor due to its excellent performance and high efficiency. The machine employs advanced hydraulic technology, allowing efficient pressing at low temperatures to ensure the purity and nutritional value of the sesame oil.

Additionally, its compact structure, ease of operation, and low maintenance costs perfectly met the customer’s production needs.

Customer feedback on the hydraulic oil pressing machine

After installation and commissioning, the Canadian customer gave high praise to our hydraulic oil pressing machine. They reported that the machine not only improved production efficiency but also produced top-quality sesame oil that is well-received in the market.

The customer particularly appreciated our after-sales service, noting that our professional team helped them quickly resolve issues encountered during installation and commissioning.


This collaboration with the Canadian sesame products company further demonstrates the competitiveness of our hydraulic oil pressing machine in the international market. We will continue to uphold our principles of quality first and customer foremost, providing top-notch oil extraction solutions to more customers.

No matter where you are or what industry you are in, if you need efficient and reliable oil extraction equipment, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you to create a brighter future together.