Automatic sesame seeds peeling hulling machine

Automatic sesame seeds peeling hulling machine is equipment that can peel the sesame outer skin cleanly. Its main function is to soak, peel and separate the skin and kernel after peeling.

When sesame is used as a food to provide protein resources for humans, it usually requires peeling. And the peeled sesame has a smoother taste and is more easily absorbed by our bodies. For further processing, we will peel many grains. And we also have bean peelers to peel off soybean.

The machine is simple to operate, affordable, and saves manpower. So it is an indispensable helper for people.

Introduction of the sesame peeling machine

The sesame peeling machine is a vertical structure that we can fully utilize in the internal space. At the same time, the volume is small, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the maintenance rate is low.

The machine adopts a compound stirrer. This type of stirrer can produce axial diversion, radial diversion, and circular diversion. So it can flip the material fully without dead corners and has a high peeling rate.

The use of a compound stirrer shortens the time for soaking, peeling, and separating sesame seeds. So it improves production efficiency and improves product quality.

sesame peeling machine
sesame peeling machine

Structure of the sesame seeds peeling machine

The machine mainly includes a reducer, tank, composite stirrer, separator, heater, positioning device, and various inlet and outlet pipes.

The working process of automatic sesame peeling machine

First, turn on the machine and pour the filtered sesame seeds into the first barrel of the peeling machine. And the peeling time is about 3-5 minutes.

Before putting the peeled sesame seeds into the second separating barrel, add one-third of water to the separator to prevent the sesame peels from blocking the mesh.

When separating, make sure that one-third of the ratio (water 3 sesame 1) is used to separate the kernels and skins, and at the same time, open the bottom valve to drain the sesame skins with water. The amount of water inflow is equal to the amount of water discharged.

About 5–10 minutes separation time, drain and clean the sesame seeds.

The working principle of sesame seed hulling machine


The sesame peeler is driven by the gear shaft stirrer to rotate and stir so that the sesame soaked in the bucket can be quickly turned up and down. And the friction between the sesame seeds is matched with the rotating force of the stirrer to separate the sesame skin from the kernel.

After operating for a certain period of time, the sesame seeds peeled to reach the target, the gate baffle was opened, and the mixture of sesame seed peels was discharged from the machine with the rotation of the mixer.

Principle of soaking process:

Put the sesame seeds in hot water with a small amount of caustic soda. Then soak the sesame seeds for a few minutes.

Then start the equipment, the reducer drives the stirrer to rotate, due to the structural characteristics of the composite stirrer, the material is circulated up and down, and the sesame and the soaking liquid are evenly and fully mixed.

Working principle of black sesame peeling process:

The relative friction between the stirrer and the sesame, between the sesame and the sesame, separates the skin and the kernel of the sesame, so as to achieve the purpose of peeling the sesame.

Working video of the sesame washing and peeling machine

working video of sesame washing and peeling machine

Parameter of the sesame seeds peeling machine

Powerdehulling motor 2.2kw, separating motor 1.5 kw
Capacity400-500kg/h, 30-50kg/barrel
Dehulling rate80%-85%
Materialmade of stainless steel
Parameter of the sesame seeds peeling machine

Advantages of the sesame peeling machine:

1. Peel thoroughly. Treated sesame seeds have no other impurities.

2. The processed sesame is white and bright, which has high quality.

3. Same without skin has good taste.

2. High-quality. Many customers from Tanzania, Nigeria, Qatar, Ghana, Yemen, etc are satisfied with our machine’s quality.