Corn grits making machine丨small maize grits flour grinding machine

Corn grits making machine can process whole maize kernels into different particle sizes. And the finished product is generally corn grits and cornflour. In general, the mesh size of the finished product is adjustable. Therefore, customers can adjust the machine according to their own needs to obtain a suitable size of corn kernels.

The maize grits making machine has powerful functions, and can complete a series of processes such as cleaning, peeling, embryo removal, root removal, black navel removal, crushing, grit taking, grading, polishing, etc. on corn at one time. So, the finished corn kernels produced are bright and clean in color and without an umbilical cord. And can be directly entered into large supermarkets and grain and oil wholesale markets. Besides, we also have the 9FQ that can process various grains.

How about our corn grits making machine?

At present we have a complete range of corn grits-making machine models. They are T1, T3, PH, PD2, and C2 respectively. Different models of machines vary in power, output of the machine, size, and configuration of the machine. Customers can choose the appropriate machine model according to their needs. In general, our maize grinding machine can produce three kinds of finished products: large maize grits, small maize grits, and cornflour.

And among them, our PD2 model can add a cleaning machine and a double elevator. The finished product produced by such a machine combination is cleaner and more productive. The T3 type maize grits grinder is equipped with cyclone , which can effectively remove the corn bran. So, each model has its own characteristics. Before grinding the corn farmers need to get corn kernels. And for efficient work, using a corn thresher is a good choice. We also have many kinds of corn sheller for your choice.

Type 1: T1 corn grits milling machine

The power of the T1 corn grits milling machine can be an electric motor or diesel engine. The workflow of this model is to peel the skin first and then make the grits and flour. After the corn kernels are hulled, they become large lobed particles and are discharged through the outlet. After that, the customer needs to open the grinding part and put the dehulled corn kernels into the second inlet. And then the machine will process it into three different forms of finished products. We will also be equipped with the appropriate power according to the specific situation of the customer.

T1 corn grits miller
T1 corn grits miller

Specification of the small maize flour grinding machine

Corn peeling350-450kg
Making corn grits1000kg
Rated voltage380v
Power7.5 kw 4 pole
Making corn flour350kg
Spindle speed1150r/min
small scale maize flour grinding machine’s parameter

Type 2: T3 maize grits flour grinding machine

The T3 corn grits making machine is powered by two motors. The machine corn peeling and corn grits can work at the same time. We can start peeling and grit making systems at the same time. Therefore, the work efficiency is also higher. In addition, this model of machine is also equipped with dust removal equipment. The equipment can collect and discharge the corn bran and dust generated during the working process of the machine. Therefore, the final product is also cleaner and hygienic.

T3 maize grinding machine
T3 maize grinding machine

What are the parameters of the corn peeling and grits grinding machine?

Power7.5 kw +4kw
Capacity300-400 kg/h
Size1400*2300*1300 mm
Weight680 kg
parameters of the corn peeling and grits grinding machine

Advantages of the T3 corn grits making machine

1. Corn peeling and corn grits can be done at the same time.  We do not wait for the peeling system to work before starting the grinding system. Save manpower and improve efficiency.

2. The corn grits making machine is equipped with a cyclone. So the final product will be cleaner and of higher quality.

Type 3: PH corn grits maker

This model of corn grits making machine is similar to the T3 Corn Grits Maker. The difference is that the machine has no dust removal device. So the price is relatively cheap. It has the characteristics of a small footprint, high work efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving. Can meet the needs of most customers.

PH corn grits making machine
PH corn grits making machine

Technical specifications of the farm corn grits milling machine

specifications of PH type

Type 4: C2 corn grits flour grinding machine

The C2 corn grits flour grinding machine function the same as the PH corn grits maker. They are also similar in appearance, with some differences. But the price of this machine is lower. Customers can choose the machine that suits them according to their budget.

C2 corn grinder machine
C2 corn grinder machine

Type 5: PD2 maize milling machine

This type of corn grits making machine is a unit composed of double elevator and corn peeling grits making machine. Specifically, it consists of three parts: feeding hopper, elevator, and peeling and making grits. The entire processing process is fully automatic control. The maize milling machine is easy to operate, saving time and effort. It can also be matched with a cleaning machine, conveying auger and granary to form a small corn grits processing line. The cleaning machine will remove the corncob, stones and mold from the raw grain. Then the cleaned grain is transported to the granary by the auger. And next the elevator lifts the raw grain to the processing machine for peeling, crushing, and grinding.

What are the specifications of corn grits grinder?

specifications of corn grits grinder

The main components of the corn grits grinder

The four model machines basically include raw corn material hopper, electric motor or diesel motor, peeling system, milling system, big corn grits discharge hole, mini corn grits discharge hole, cornflour discharge hole, etc. These are all models of the machine’s basic components included. And each model of machine has its own unique features.

main components
main components

What is the maize grits milling machine’s working flow?

1. Firstly, turn on the corn grits making machine and put the corn kernels into the raw material hopper. Corn kernels are turned into several smaller corn kernels through a peeling system.

2. Secondly, several smaller corn kernels enter the grinding system. After being processed by the grinding system, these corn kernels become the finished products of three different forms: large corn grits, small corn grits, and cornflour.

3. Three different forms of corn are discharged from three different outlets.

finished products
finished products

Advantages of the maize peeler and grinder

1. Easy to operate and small in size.

2. The kernel and the seed coat are separated by combining with the wind selection at the same time of peeling, thus greatly reducing the breakage rate. This more effectively improves peeling quality and yield.

3. After the corn has taken off the hard husk and germ part, the edible taste effect of the corn is improved, and the application scope of the corn is expanded.

4. The peeled corn flour can be directly used to process corn noodles.

5. It is suitable for peeling, breaking, air-selecting, and fine grinding of wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, and other raw grains in small and medium-sized grain and rice processing plants.

6. The finished product processed by the corn peeling and corn grits making machine can directly enter the supermarket and grain and oil wholesale market.