Hammer mill grinder丨Corn mill grinder machine

Hammer mill grinder is an equipment specially used to grind straw and grain into small particles. Generally, this hammer mill grinder can process straw, forage grass, corn, etc. There are several models of this series of machines, and different models have different outputs.

In terms of power, the corn mill grinder can be equipped with three kinds of power: electric motor, diesel engine, and gasoline engine. Customers can choose according to their needs.

The hammer mill has high efficiency, simple operation, good grinding effect, and long service life. So, it is a good helper for people to deal with straw and grain. Besides, we also manufacture the grass chopper and corn grit-making machine. They can also process the grass, silage, and corn separately.

hammer mill working video

Structure of hammer mill grinder

The hammer mill grinder mainly includes a base, rotor, feeder, crushing room, cyclone, etc. The hammers in the crushing room are high carbon steel blade, which are wear-resistant and has a good finished product effect.

There is a screen in the crushing chamber of the machine, and we can customize the size of the smash according to the needs of customers.

hammer mill grinder
hammer mill grinder

Working principle of corn mill grinder machine

  1. In the initial step, the materials are introduced into the crushing chamber through the feeder when the hammer mill crusher of this series is in operation.
  2. Subsequently, the raw materials undergo rapid crushing as a result of the high-speed rotation of the hammers.
  3. Finally, the crushed raw materials pass through the screen and proceed to the outlet.

Parameters of the hammer crusher machine

ModelPowerWeightCapacityHammerDia of sieveSize (mm)
parameters of corn grinder

How to use the hammer mill grinder?

1. Pre-Operation Inspection:

Before starting, conduct a thorough examination of all parts, checking for proper connections, the presence of bolts, and ensuring overall integrity.

2. Material Preparation:

Clear the material of impurities such as metal, sand, stones, and debris to prevent damage to machine parts during operation.

3. Operator Safety Positioning:

The operator should stand on the feeding side, refrain from putting hands into the machine, and ensure the machine’s stability before initiating work.

4. Idling and Rotation Check:

Perform idling to check the correct rotation direction. Start the machine only after allowing it to idle for several minutes.

5. Caution in Case of Feeding Blockage:


In the event of feeding blockage, avoid using hands, hard rods, or steel bars to force-feed materials.

6. Routine Maintenance at 500 Hours:

After approximately 500 hours of operation, clear and inspect the bearings, change the lubricating oil, and ensure that workers remain present during this maintenance task.

7. Corner Rotation for Hammer Wear:

When one corner of the hammer shows signs of wear, simply turn to another corner for continued use, extending the hammer’s lifespan.

8. Proper Machine Shutdown:

Before stopping the machine, idle for 2-3 minutes, close the feeding exit, and clean up any surplus materials for a smooth and safe shutdown process.

What are the advantages of the hammer mill feed grinder?

1. The hammer mill grinder is widely used. The grains processed by this machine can be eaten and used for raising poultry

2. The multi-function of the machine. He can handle biomass, like straw, stalks, wood chips, tree branches, and forest waste, grains like corn, soybeans, and maize, etc. into small granular material of less than 3-5mm, which is a perfect size for pelletizing and briquetting.

3. Simple operation. Just turn on the machine, put the material into the machine and that’s it.

4. Can produce particles of different sizes. Different screen meshes can produce finished products of different sizes.

HAMMER MILL GRINDER with a good price

High-capacity hammer mill for sale in Angola

The client hails from Angola and is actively involved in cattle and sheep farming. Looking to streamline operations and conserve time and effort, the customer expressed a keen interest in purchasing a suitable machine.

Following a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs, our adept sales manager recommended the 500 hammer mill, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism and comprehensive service.

Impressed by our expertise and the all-encompassing support provided, the customer made the informed decision to procure the 500 hammer mill from our company. Below is an illustration depicting the meticulous packaging and prompt delivery of the selected machine.

FAQ of hammer mill grinding machine

1. What materials can this hammer mill grinder handle?

Can handle straw, forage, corn on the cob, corn, etc.

2. What is the power of the machine?

Electric motors, diesel, and gasoline engines.

3. Can the screen of the hammer mill grinder be customized?

Yes, customers need to tell their requirements in advance.

4. Does the machine have a dust collector?

Except for the 320 models, all other models have cyclones.


Invest in our corn mill grinder machine

As we conclude our exploration of the Hammer Mill Grinder, we express our gratitude for choosing our outstanding crushing equipment. Its straightforward design, user-friendly operation, high efficiency, and low power consumption make it the ideal choice for your processing needs.

Should you find yourself intrigued by the performance and pricing of our corn grinding machine, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated team for a prompt quotation. Your inquiries drive our continuous efforts, and we are committed to providing detailed answers, addressing your concerns, and furnishing you with more information about the capabilities of our corn grinder.