Tractor 4-wheeler disc plow for sale

Model 1LYQ-220
Width of cut(mm) 400
Depth of cut(mm) 200
Dia of disc (mm) 510
Quantity of disc 2
Weight(kg) 140
Tractor powder(hp) 18
Mounted cat Cat1: Three-point suspension

The disc plow for sale is a necessary equipment for modern agriculture. After people harvest their crops, they need to turn the soil. Turning the soil by hand is a significant workload and inefficient. Therefore, there is a need for agricultural equipment specifically designed to loosen the soil. Therefore, people invented and used disc plows specifically for loosening the soil.

The disc plow, which is easy to use and highly efficient, is the ideal equipment for people to loosen the soil. In addition to the disc plow, there are disc harrows produced by Taizy. The disc harrow is special equipment to break up the soil.

Overview of the disc plow for sale

The main working part of the disc plow for sale is the concave disc. There are different models of concave discs produced by Taizy. The smallest model has two discs. The largest model has 6 discs. In addition to the different models, we also produce three different styles, triangular, round tube, and small fish plows. Customers have a variety of choices.

The disc plow is working with the tractor. It is linked to the tractor by means of a three-point suspension. If the customer has his own tractor. We will decide the size of the plow according to the horsepower of the tractor.

Scope of application of the disc plough

The disc plough is suitable for plowing and tilling complex farmland such as ripe land in dry areas, a raw wasteland with weeds, and soil with masonry debris. The device has the characteristics of high efficiency, good work quality, easy adjustment, simplicity, durability, etc.

 disc plow for sale
disc plow for sale

Parameters of the disk plow

Model1LYQ-2201LYQ- 3151LYQ- 3201LYQ- 3251LYQ- 4251LYQ- 5251LYQ- 625
Width of cut(mm)400450600750100012501500
Depth of cut(mm)200200200250-300250-300250-300250-300
Dia of disc (mm)510460510600600600600
Quantity of disc2333456
Tractor powder(hp)182525-405090120160
Mounted catCat1: Three-point suspensionCat1Cat1Cat2: Three-point suspensionCat2Cat2Cat2
disk plow’s parameter

Structure of the 4 wheeler disc plow

The structure of the disc plow for sale is relatively simple. One person can operate different types of disc plows. Taking the triangular disc plow as an example, the machine mainly contains a disc plow body, tail wheel, soil turning plate, plow frame, suspension frame, suspension shaft adjustment handle, and suspension shaft.

 disc plow for sale
disc plow for sale

How does the 3 disc plough work?

The disc plow for sale is a tillage machine that uses concave discs to plow and turn the soil. When the disc plow is pulled forward by the tractor, the disc rotates around its central axis.

At the same time, the disc’s perimeter cuts through the soi. And the plowed soil rises along the concave surface of the rotating disc and flips to the side and back. After plowing, the field is left with a furrow.

3 disc plough
3 disc plough

Advantages of the tractor disc plow

  1. The disc plow for sale works without tangling grass, blocking, and young soil.
  2. The machine is suitable for weeds, stems, soil resistance, and other conditions of complex farmland plowing operations.
  3. Reduce the time of tractor head-turning, and improve the working efficiency.
  4. It can be operated without moisture, reducing the moisture ditch and leveling the surface after plowing.
  5. The horizontal pendulum disc plow has a compact structure, and its weight is about 1/3 less than that of the turning plow, and the price is cheaper.
tractor disc plow
tractor disc plow

Why do we need plowing?

  1. Plowing is one of the most effective means of seedbed preparation. By plowing, you can achieve soil breaking, weed, and pest control, better stubble management, and improved soil activity.
  2. It removes or prevents the formation of sloughs in the soil at different depths.
  3. It can improve the soil structure by mixing soil and crop residues.
  4. It can distribute the soil structure more uniformly and improve the soil moisture such as water, oxygen, nutrients and aeration, and water capacity.
  5. Deeply burying straw and stubble reduces the use of chemicals such as herbicides and reduces pollution.
disc plough
disc plough