Hydraulic heavy duty disc harrow for sale

Model 1BZ-1.8
Working width(mm) 1800
Working depth(mm) 200
Diameter of the disc(mm) 660
No. Of disc(pcs) 16
Weight (kg) 1160
Matched power(hp) 70
Linkage Hydraulic trailed with tractor

The heavy duty disc harrow is mainly used to break up the soil after plowing. This achieves the requirements for the soil before sowing. The heavy duty tractor disc can also be used for weeding, shallow tillage, and stubble removal on stubble land.

In general, a disc harrow is a group of harrows with multiple concave or notched discs fixed to a horizontal axis. And we all plow the ground with a disc plow before we harrow it.

Introduction of the heavy duty disc harrow

There are various types of heavy duty disc harrows produced by Taizy. And we produce opposed heavy-duty disc harrows, offset heavy-duty disc harrows, hydraulic folding heavy harrows, etc.

These types of heavy duty disc harrows are traction by hydraulic pressure. Heavy duty disk harrow is mainly used in farmland before plowing stubble, breaking the surface of the stubble, and straw shredding back to the field. There are also after-plowing crushed soil, leveling, and moisture preservation operations.

It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, strong and durable, convenient transportation, small turning radius, easy adjustment, maintenance, and so on.

Structure of the heavy disc harrow

The heavy duty disc harrow is mainly composed of a disc, harrow frame, harrow group, traction or suspension device, declination adjustment mechanism, etc. The whole machine has a simple structure, convenient operation, easy to operate. And it is easy to maintain and repair. The whole machine structure is simple, easy to operate, good working effect.

heavy disc harrow
heavy disc harrow

How does the heavy duty offset disc harrow work?

When the heavy duty disc harrow work, the disc blade is perpendicular to the ground. And the direction of the machine forward to form an oblique angle. Then, under the action of tractor traction and soil reaction force, the rake blade rolls along the angle axis. Under the action of rake suction gravity, the rake suction knife cuts into the soil.

At the same time, the disc harrow blade cut away the grassroots and crop stubble, cutting out the furrow. The soil rises slightly along the rake surface and then falls down, which has a certain mulching effect.

heavy disc harrow
heavy disc harrow

Technical parameters of the heavy offset disc

ModelWorking width(mm)Working depth(mm)Diameter of the disc(mm)No. Of disc(pcs)Weight (kg)Matched power(hp)Linkage
1BZ-1.8180020066016116070Hydraulic trailed with tractor
1BZ-2.2220020066020125080Hydraulic trailed with tractor
1BZ-2.5250020066024135090Hydraulic trailed with tractor
1BZ-3.03000200660281430100Hydraulic trailed with tractor
1BZ-3.43400200660321550120Hydraulic trailed with tractor
1BZ-4.04000200660361900150Hydraulic trailed with tractor
1BZ-5.35300200660482500180Hydraulic trailed with tractor
heavy offset disc’s parameter

Working video of the heavy chain harrow

video of the disc heavy harrow

What are the advantages of the heavy offset disc harrow?

  1. The heavy duty disc harrow has high soil crushing rate, which is conducive to tillage.
  2. The disc heavy harrow has the characteristics of not tangled grass, high quality of operation, and high efficiency.
  3. The heavy duty disc harrow can better cut and mix the crop residue to form a more regular soil size.
  4. The disc harrow is strong and durable, and can better penetrate crusty hard soil.
  5. Good machine performance and stable daily work.
heavy disc harrow
heavy disc harrow

The difference between disc harrow and disc plow

  1. The object of operation and the role of the machine are different. The disc plow is mainly used for plowing and tilling uncultivated land. And the disc harrow is used for crushing and grading cultivated land.
  2. The way of connecting with the locomotive is different. Disc plow is a three-point suspension, disc harrow has a large traction type, and there are also small suspension types.
  3. The structure of the machine and the operation of the force are different. Disc plow is a three-point suspension, a device to balance the side pressure of the tail wheel, the unit is subject to side pressure during operation. The disc harrow is composed of a traction frame, harrow frame, and multiple disc groups with left and right symmetry. And the force is relatively balanced during operation.
  4. The main working parts’ structure and the device are different. Disc plow disc spherical concave, disc edge thickness in 0.5-1mm. work declination of 40-45. And the vertical surface into 15-25 degrees of inclination. The spherical concavity of the disc harrow is relatively small, and the thickness of the disc edge is 0.3-0.8mm. And the working declination is 0-10 degrees, without inclination.