Automatic nursery raising machine 丨vegetable nursery sowing machine

The automatic nursery raising machine is equipment that can plant seeds into a plug tray. The machine can precisely drill and seed. And the survival rate of seedlings is high and the quality of seedlings is good. Normally, the automatic nursery seedling machine can complete soil covering, brushing, hole punching, sowing, and seconding soil covering. The whole process does not require a lot of manpower.

Introduction of our automatic nursery raising machine

In order to meet a variety of needs, we have 3 types of nursery seeding machines. They are KMR-80, KMR-78-2, and KMR-78. Of the three machine types, KMR-80 and KMR-78-2 are fully automatic, and KMR-78 is semi-automatic. All these machines’ power is electric and air compressor. And the air compressor mainly controls the two actions of hole punching and sowing.

For precise drilling and seeding, our machines have multiple sensors. And our automatic nursery raising machine can sow many different kinds of seeds, such as vegetables, fruit, and flower. For sowing many different seeds, we also design different sizes of nozzles. And we will send you all sizes of nozzles in the toolbox. We also produce transplanters, which are good helpers for people to transplant seedlings. Due to the long service life and high work efficiency of the plug seedling machine, it has been welcomed by customers in many countries.

Type 1: KMR-78-2 vegetable nursery sowing machine

This model of nursery machine is fully automatic. It can complete the functions of soil covering, drilling, sowing, secondary soil covering, and watering at one time. A water sprinkler is an added feature. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

automatic nursery raising machine
automatic nursery raising machine

Components of nursery sowing machine

This KMR-78-2 automatic nursery raising machine mainly includes soil bins, brush, conveyor, sensor, hole, digging, sowing, etc. The whole machine consists of three parts. And each part can be split. So customers can use the machine flexibly according to their needs.

MKR-78-2 tray seeder's structure
KMR-78-2 tray seeder’s structure

How does the automatic nursery seeding machine work?

KMR-78-2’s working video

Technical parameters of vegetable nursery machine

PrincipleElectrical and air compressor
Voltage220V /110V 600w
Size for seed0.3-12mm
Width of tray<=540mm
vegetable nursery machine’s parameter

Features of the automatic nursery seeder

  1. The three parts can be separated. Customers can use it flexibly.
  2. Fully automatic. You do not need to spend much energy and time in the nursery. Just put the soil into the soil bin. The seeding machine can complete all the rest actions.
  3. This automatic nursery-raising machine can accommodate trays up to 540mm wide. So, this machine has higher working efficiency.

Type 2: KMR-80 nursery raising machine

KMR-80 model is also the automatic nursery raising machine. This model automatic nursery raising machine has the same working flow as the Type 1 KMR-78-2. They are different in appearance. The KMR-78-2 model has three parts. Every part can be split. And KMR-80 automatic nursery raising machine has two parts that can be split. And KMR-80 plug seedling machine can work with a plug trays up to 320mm.

nursery raising machine
nursery raising machine

What are the main components of the automatic tray seeder?

This KMR-80 automatic tray seeder has two parts. One part includes the soil bin, brushing, digging, and sowing. And another part has second soil covering and brushing. Also, you can choose the watering at the end of the machine.

MKR-80 nursery raising machine's structure
KMR-80 nursery raising machine’s structure

Technical Specifications of plug tray nursery seeding machine

PrincipleElectrical and air compressor
Voltage220V /110V 600w
Size for seed0.3-12mm
Width of tray320mm
KMR-80 plug tray nursery seeding machine’s parameter

What advantages does the nursery raising machine has?

  1. Two parts consist of the KMR-80 automatic nursery raising machine, which has compact appearance and small floor space.
  2. Same function with the KMR-78-2, which is time and energy saving.
  3. Smaller width trays can be accommodated. The maximum width of the plug tray should be 320mm.

Type 3: KMR-78 nursery planting machine

Our KMR-78 nursery planting machine is a semi-automatic greenhouse seeder machine. This model machine only includes punching and sowing parts. So, its price is lower than the above types of machine. Also, they have a smaller volume and footprint. KMR-78 seedling tray machine can sow the same seeds as KMR-80 and KMR-78-2. If you do have not enough budget, you can get this model of tray seeding machine.

MKR-78 nursery planting machine
KMR-78 nursery planting machine

Structure of the tomato seeding machine

This KMR-78 tomato seeding machine mainly has digging, planting, frame, etc. This pepper nursery seeding machine is convenient for you to move everywhere.

MKR-78 nursery planter's structure
KMR-78 nursery planter’s structure

Working video of semi-automatic nursery seeding machine

KMR-78 nursery planting machine’s working video

Parameter of nursery planter

principleair compressor
Size for seed0.3-12mm
Type 3: KMR-78 nursery planting machine’s parameter


  1. Smaller footprint. Lightweight and easy to move.
  2. This nursery seed sowing machine has the functions of drilling and sowing, and needs to manually put soil and cover soil.

Wide application of nursery seed sowing machine

All three types of machines can sow a variety of seeds. Such as, Tomato, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, sweet corn, pumpkin, hemp seed, okra, cucumber, aubergine, melon, watermelon, capsicum, chilli, beasn, Taiwan cabbage, Yu choi, Kan Kong,Leeks, Chards, Bok choi, Celery etc.  

various seeds of cabbage, carrot, cucumber etc.

Packing and shipping of nursery sowing machine

Below are the pictures of the package and shipping pictures. Every time before packing, we will check the machine strictly. Also, we can test the automatic nursery raising machine according to the customer’s requirements.