Rice and wheat thresher machine

The rice and wheat thresher machine is suitable for threshing a variety of crops, including wheat, rice, soybeans, rapeseed, millet, sorghum, and others. It is characterized by its high production efficiency, thorough and damage-free threshing, and minimal impurity content.

This machine can be powered by three different options: a diesel engine, gasoline engine, or electric motor, offering adaptability based on specific requirements.

Working principle of rice and wheat thresher machine

Our rice and wheat thresher machine comprises an inlet, straw outlet, seeds outlet, and threshing cylinder. Here is an overview of the machine’s working principle:

thresher machine
thresher machine
  1. Feeding Process: Farmers input harvested crops, such as rice or wheat, through the inlet, directing them into the machine.
  2. Threshing Cylinder Operation: The crops enter the threshing cylinder, a crucial component. The threshing cylinder, through rotation or other mechanical means, separates the grains from the straw. During this process, the machine applies appropriate force to ensure effective threshing.
  3. Separation of Seeds and Straw: Once threshing is complete, the seeds (grains) and straw are discharged through the seeds outlet and straw outlet, respectively. The seeds outlet is used to collect the separated grains, while the straw outlet expels the unused crop residues.
structure of rice and wheat threshing machine
structure of rice and wheat threshing machine

Raw materials of the thresher machine

Our thresher machine is a versatile agricultural tool suitable for a variety of crops, including soybeans, sorghum, wheat, millet, rice, rapeseed, quinoa, sesame, and more. Tailored to the characteristics of different crops, this machine is equipped with screens of varying sizes, allowing for the selection of the appropriate mesh size based on the crop’s dimensions.

This machine’s flexibility enables farmers to efficiently process a diverse range of crops using a single piece of equipment. By choosing the right screen size, our thresher machine ensures outstanding performance, guaranteeing an efficient and thorough separation during the threshing process.

Whether it’s soybeans, sorghum, wheat, or other crops, this machine provides an optimal solution for each, making agricultural production more convenient and efficient. The design’s adaptability and versatility are intended to meet the needs of different farms and crops, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and quality of agricultural processing.

Parameters of rice and wheat thresher machine

ModelRated speedCapacityThreshing cyclinderSieve sizeWeightOverall size

Main application of rice and wheat thresher machine

  1. Large-Scale Farm Owners: These machines play a crucial role on large-scale farms. For those cultivating extensive areas of rice and wheat, this equipment significantly enhances production efficiency and reduces the need for a large labor force.
  2. Small-Scale Farmers: Even in smaller farming operations, the rice and wheat thresher machine proves to be a valuable tool. It assists small-scale farmers in handling crops more efficiently, reducing physical labor and improving overall productivity.
  3. Multi-Crop Growers: Due to the versatility of these threshing machines, they are ideal for farmers engaged in multi-crop cultivation. This includes those cultivating different types of crops such as wheat, rice, soybeans, rapeseed, and more.
  4. Technologically-Advanced Agricultural Producers: Farmers adopting modern agricultural technologies and mechanized equipment find the rice and wheat thresher machine indispensable. Such producers tend to invest in advanced agricultural tools to boost efficiency and yields.
  5. Regions with Labor Shortages: In some rural areas facing a shortage of labor, farmers are inclined to adopt automated tools like the rice and wheat thresher machine to alleviate labor pressures.

Why choose to buy our rice and wheat thresher machine

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