Grain threshing machine for sorghum, millet, rapeseed

Model 5TGQ-100A
Power 7.5-11kw or 12-15hp
Peeling rate 99%
Capacity 1000kg/h
Weight 300kg
Size 1800*1000*2300mm
Packing 1800*800*1700mm

The grain threshing machine is special threshing equipment for millet, sorghum, and rapeseed. Because it is professional equipment, And the threshing effect is good and the cleaning rate is high. At the same time, the working efficiency of the machine is high.

Therefore, this sorghum thresher is suitable for use in areas where a large number of sorghum, millet, and rapeseed are grown. Our sorghum threshers are very popular and have been sold to many countries, such as Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Kenya.

Brief introduction of the grain threshing machine

There are three types of grain thresher machines manufactured by Taizy. Yields vary for each model. The smallest output is 400 kg/hour, and the largest output is 1000 kg/h. Customers can choose the appropriate machine model according to their needs.

Since one machine can process three kinds of materials, the corresponding screen needs to be replaced each time different materials are processed. Timely replacement of the corresponding screen is conducive to the more efficient work of the machine and better working effect.

Regarding power, our machines can be equipped with electric motors and diesel engines. Among them, the diesel engine can be conveniently used by customers in power-deficient areas. In addition to sorghum threshers, we also have professional large-scale corn threshers, multi-functional threshers, etc.

Sorghum thresher machine’s parameters

Power7.5-11kw or 12-15hp
Peeling rate99%
sorghum threshing machine’s parameter

Application range of the millet threshing machine

There are only three kinds of materials that our grain threshing machine can handle, sorghum, millet, and rapeseed. The materials processed by professional equipment have a high removal rate, low crushing rate, and good threshing effect. It is the ideal equipment for processing sorghum, millet, and rape seed.

application of the grain threshing machine
application of the grain threshing machine

How does the grain thresher machine work?

working video of the sorghum threshing machine

What is the structure of the pearl millet thresher

We have three models of grain threshing machines, 5TGQ-100A and 5TGQ-100B have the same appearance. The 5TGQ-100C is different.

The three machines mainly include an inlet, screen mash, outlet, dust output, icker output, and power. As shown below:

Advantages of the millet sheller machine

  1. The processing efficiency of the grain threshing machine is high. The sorghum thresher greatly improves the work efficiency of sorghum removal, which is hundreds of times that of manual sorghum removal.
  2. The thresher has high quality and stable performance. With strong practicability, the sorghum is automatically separated, and the removal rate reaches 99%.
  3. The grain threshing machine has a wide range of processing and can be used for millet, sorghum, and rape seed.
  4. The structure of the machine is simple, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.
  5. The sorghum thresher can thresh, clean, and separate the 1-6 spikes of grain. Moreover, the grain threshing machine has the advantages of easy cleaning and light movement.

Why choose our sorghum thresher machine?

  1. We are a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery. For a long time, we have been committed to the research and production of high-quality agricultural machinery.
  2. High-quality equipment. Our manufacturing machines are made of high-quality, wear-resistant materials, and the machines have a long service life.
  3. Our services are comprehensive. We will provide the most comprehensive machine information, recommend the most suitable machine to customers, pack the machine in wooden boxes and update logistics information to customers in time.
  4. One year after-sales service. Within one year after the customer receives the machine, we will be responsible for the machine if it is damaged due to non-artificial reasons.