Wheat seed planter with fertilizer wheat planting machine

With the automation of agricultural production, the use of wheat planters has become more widespread. And because people mostly plant wheat in plains and hills, the planting area is large. So if people plant the wheat, the efficiency is low and the labor intensity is high. Also, the effect of planting may do not meet people’s expectations.

The wheat planter is highly efficient and economical, with good seeding quality and high efficiency, which saves people a lot of time and manpower. We also have wheat threshers to save time and energy.

Brief introduction of the wheat planter

Wheat planter is a kind of mechanical equipment that plants wheat seeds in the ground through a planting mechanical system. And the wheat planter is suitable for fertilizing and seeding wheat in plains and hilly areas. Also, it has the characteristics of good general performance, wide application range, and uniform seeding.

The wheat planter is suitable for direct operation after rotary tillage, without soil preparation, saving time and effort. A single operation can complete operations such as leveling, combining moisture, sowing, covering, suppressing, and erecting vertical borders.

Tractors will provide power to wheat planters through three-point suspension. According to customer needs, there are mainly 12 rows, 14 rows, 16 rows, and 20 rows. We also have other models to meet different planting needs. We can also match the machine with different functions such as rotary tillage and fertilization to meet your different requirements. Also, we have multifunctional threshers that can help the farmer to save much energy.

Structure of the multi row wheat seed planter

The wheat planter includes a frame, a seedbox, a fertilizer box, a disc opener, a pressing rotating drum, a soil covering board, and the like.

The frame adopts high-quality square tubes, which connect all functional parts. And we connect it to the tractor through the upper and lower suspension arms of the frame. Rely on tractor lift control to complete planting and transfer plots.

(1) The frame is mostly single beam type. We will install the all working parts on it and support the whole machine.

(2) Seeding components. A mechanical or pneumatic seed metering device connected with the seedbox can achieve precise seeding. It connects with an adjustable seed scraper and seed pusher.

(3) Fertilizer discharging parts, including discharging box, discharging device, fertilizer pipe, and fertilizing opener.

(4) Soil working parts. It includes a ditch opener, soil cover, profiling wheel, pressing wheel, seed pressing wheel, its linkage mechanism, etc.

multi-row wheat seed planter's structure
multi-row wheat seed planter’s structure

Work flow of the wheat planting machine

The tractor pulls the seeding device and fertilizing device of the wheat planter to fertilize and sow the land.

First, the tractor drives the coulter to open the soil, and the fertilizer pipe enters the opener to start fertilizing the already opened trench. Then it activates the seeding device to sow into the ground. The compaction wheel then loosens the soil in the trench and compacts it to complete the wheat planting operation.

The working video of the automatic wheat planter

The working video of the automatic wheat planter

Parameter of the 6 rows wheat planter

Size(mm)Weight(kg)HpRow numberSeedbox volume (L)Fertilizer tank volume (L)Pure work efficiency( hm²/h)

Parameter of the wheat planter

Advantages of the wheat planter equipment

  1. Ensure that distribut the seeds most reasonably in the field and the sowing amount is accurate.
  2. The sowing depth is the same, creating the best conditions for the growth and development of the seeds. So it can save a lot of seeds, reduce the labor of field seedlings, and ensure a stable and high yield of crops.
  3. The row spacing is stable, covers the soil well, saves seeds, and the work efficiency is high.

Features of the multi rows wheat planter

  1. The two sets of grooved discs are a set of connecting bodies, and we can simulate each disc individually.
  2. The upper end of each ditching disc is equipped with adjustment handles, which is convenient and quick.
  3. In order to ensure consistent depth we equip the ditching disc on the machine.
  4. There is a set of adjusting handles for the earth crushing wheel and the earth covering board, which is convenient and quick. Each set of covering slabs is provided with a set of springs. The width is equal to the seedling width and the spacing is small, and the effect of covering soil and suppressing is good.
  5. The extended beam is easy to install and use.

Maintenance of wheat planter with fertilizer

The use of planters has a strong seasonality. The maintenance of the equipment is to make it have a good working condition, reduce failures, and improve work efficiency.

1. When the machine is driving at high speed on the road, the tractor lifter must be locked. It is strictly forbidden to drive by pulling the machine.

2. Check all fasteners and connectors before planting. If there is any looseness, tighten it in time.

3. During operation, the operator must strictly follow the safe operating procedures to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the machine.

4. After each shift, we should remove the soil on all parts of the machine.

5. Frequently check the movement of each rotating pair. If the wear is serious, we should replace the corresponding parts in time. And paint stripped parts.

6. After use every season, we should clean and maintain in time. Be sure to rinse the fertilizer, check all parts and add rust-preventing oil. And then put it in the inventory.