4 row corn planter丨corn seeder with fertilizer

4 row corn planter is now the main agricultural machinery in agricultural activities. There are a wide variety of corn planters in the market today. Such as hand-held corn planters and tractor-driven corn planters. Among them, corn planters driven by tractors are suitable for large-scale corn cultivation. Because farmers with large areas of corn will choose tractor-driven corn planters. And this model of corn planter can sow multiple rows at the same time, with high work efficiency. In addition to the function of sowing, the machine can also fertilize while sowing, saving people’s energy for fertilizing.

Brief introduction of our 4 row corn planter

The corn seeders produced by our Taizy include hand-operated corn planters and tractor-mounted corn planters. Today’s article focuses on tractor-driven corn planters. Our corn seeder for tractor has 2,3,4,5,6,8 different row numbers. And their models are 2BYSF-2, 2BYSF-3, 2BYSF-4, 2BYSF-5, 2BYSF-6, 2BYSF-8. The more lines, the higher the working efficiency of the machine, and customers can choose the number of rows according to their needs.

This type of corn planter comes with a fertilizer box. Fertilizer is applied at the same time as sowing. As for the power transmission the tractor-driven corn planter is driven by PTO. The machine is of high quality and has a long service life. Customers do not need to worry about the quality of the machine. Besides, we also have wheat seed planter, which can also plant multi rows of wheat at once.

How does the corn seeder work?

What does our corn seeder with fertilizer look like?

The main structure of the corn planter includes a seedbox, a trench opener, a fertilizer box, a fertilizer drainer, and a soil covering and suppression device. 

4 row corn planter's structure
4 row corn planter’s structure

What’s the parameter of the 6 row sweet corn planter?

Overall dimension(mm)1570*1300*12001570*1700*12001620*2350*12001620*2750*12001620*3350*12001640*4600*1200
Row spacing(mm)428-630428-600428-570428-510428-510428-510
Ditching depth(mm)60-8060-8060-8060-8060-8060-80
Sowing depth(mm)30-5030-5030-5030-5030-5030-50
Capacity of fertilizer tank (L)426886868686
Capacity of seedbox(L)
Matched power(Hp)12-1815-2525-4040-6050-8075-100
6 row sweet corn planter’s parameter

What is the sweet corn planter’s work principle?

During the seeding operation, the main power of the seeder comes from the rear power take-off shaft of the tractor. Under the traction of the tractor, the opener opens a soil trench for seeding and fertilizing within a preset depth. Due to the action of friction, the ground wheel rolls continuously and drives the seed meter and fertilizer meter to work, discharges seeds and fertilizers into the ditch through different pipelines. And then uses the soil covering device and the suppression device to achieve soil over and compact.

Perfect corn planter’s workflow

1. Connect the PTO of the planter to the tractor.

2. Put the required corn seeds and fertilizer into the seed box and fertilizer box.

3. Start the tractor to drive the corn seeder for sowing. The rear of the planter has a cover wheel and a press wheel. Therefore, the machine will cover and press soil after sowing and fertilizing.

4. Turn off the tractor after all the land has been sown. Clean the 3 rows corn planter.

What are the characteristics of corn planter with fertilizer?

1. The corn planter has a fertilizer box and a seedbox. Fertilizer and seeds will not be sown in the same position, avoiding the occurrence of fertilizer damage to the seeds.

2. The row spacing, plant spacing, and sowing depth of this 4 row corn planter are adjustable. The corn planter is flexible and adjustable and can adapt to different needs. So, customers can adjust according to their own needs.

3. Sow multiple rows of corn at one time, with high work efficiency. We have corn planters with 2,3,4,5,6,8 rows.

4. The machine can sow on the flat land or on the land that has been plowed.

5. The machine sows accurately and saves seeds. The depth of sowing is consistent and the quality of the seedlings is high.

Corn planter equipment shipped abroad

Our corn planter equipment is often sold to Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Congo, Mexico, El Salvador, Burkina Faso, and other countries. The following are the packaging and transportation pictures for shipping to foreign countries.