Fish feed pellet machine in Angola

Nowadays, more and more farmers are using fish feed pellet machines to make fish food. With the continuous development of the fishing industry, the demand for fish food from farmers is increasing. The use of a fish food pellet mill can ensure the nutrition of fish food, save the cost, and is easy to use. We have the different outputs of fish food-making machines to meet the different needs of people. At the same time, we have different fish food pellet molds, which can produce pellets of different diameter sizes. Customers can make different sizes of pellets according to the size of the fish fry.

Regarding the power, the fish feed pellet machine can be equipped with an electric motor and diesel engine. And customers can choose according to the demand. Besides, we also produce grain crushers, feed mixers, etc. People can use these machines to process raw materials first, then mix and finally make fish food pellets.

Details of the fish feed pellet machine order

Our customer contacted us by browsing our website. Our sales manager then talked to the customer about the machine right away. In order to let the customer know about the fish food pellet machine, our sales manager first sent all the machine models and detailed parameters to the customer. After that, the customer said he needed the DGP-50 model.

And then, the customer asked about the size of the pellet and determined the diameter of the pellet. Regarding the shipping, our sales manager asked the customer to handle the double clearance, which saved us both a lot of trouble and time. The customer will receive the floating fish feed extruder after 55 days.

What are the customer’s concerns about the floating fish feed extruder?

1. Does the fish feed pellet machine make different sizes of feed or just 4 mm?

The fish pellet-making machine can make different sizes by changing the mold inside. And we will send extra 6 pics of molds for free. If for fish, you can choose a size from 0.2mm-15mm.

2. Can the fish feed pelletizer be made into voltage 380v and 3 phases?

Of course can. (We can customize the machine’s voltage for the customer)

Technical of the fish feed processing machine

Capacity t/h0.06-0.08
Main engine power (kw)11
Feeding power (kw)0.4
Screw diameter(mm)50
Cutting power(kw)0.4
fish feed processing machine’s parameter

Accessories of fish food pellet mill

The accessories of the fish feed pellet machine are mainly the pellet molds. The particle size range of fish food is 1-20mm. we will assemble 6 fish food pellet molds for each machine for free. In addition, we also support custom-made molds for pellets.

How does the puffed fish feed extruder work?

puffed fish feed extruder working video

Application scope of the fish feed producing machine

A fish feed pellet machine is a feed processing machine that directly presses pellets with crushed materials of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, and so on. Fish feed pellet machine is widely used in large, medium, and small aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, and so on. Dry feed processing, the production of feed pellets with high hardness, smooth surface, and internal maturation, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrition.

What are the advantages of the floating fish feed extruder?

Traditional feed pellet processing equipment has complicated procedures, complicated operation, low output and requires a lot of labor and material resources. As for the fish pellet mill machine, the user only needs to do one action during the whole process: feeding. Then the rest of the pellet machine will automatically complete.

Generally speaking, the feed pellet machine nowadays is dry in and dry out, without the drying step, which is even more convenient for customers. The machine is also suitable for rabbit farming, fish, duck, chicken, shrimp, pig, cow, and sheep pellet processing.

Packaging and transportation of fish food pellet machine