Floating fish feed pellet machine sold to Cote d’lvoire

Floating fish feed pellet machine is a feed processing machine that directly presses pellets from crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husk. We produce several models of fish feed pellet machines, each of which can produce fish feed pellets of 1-12mm size. We will give six fish food pellet molds to our customers. About the power, we can equip the fish food pellets with an electric motor and diesel engine. It is convenient for customers to use.

In order to make fish food pellets more efficiently. Customers can choose to use the hammer mill to crush the material first, then use the mixer to mix the material fully, and finally, they can also use the dryer to process the fish food pellets. The whole process does not need a lot of manpower, and the work efficiency is more efficient. Also, we have the fish pellet production line, which is professional equipment.

Detailed information on the floating fish feed pellet machine order

Our customer is from Cote d’Ivoire, and he has raised a lot of tilapia in the area. The customer contacted us by browsing our website. Our sales manager communicated with the customer via Whatsapp. The customer indicated that he needed to make floating fish food pellets and needed a machine with an output of 300 kg per hour. In addition, the customer needed a mixer, dryer, and conveyor belt. The sales manager provided the customer with all the parameters and details of the machine according to the customer’s requirements. The customer accepted a series of machine models. Finally, the customer asked to place the order online and we provided the link to Alibaba online payment for direct payment.

What are the issues involved with the fish feed pellet machine?

1. Is there an installation video for the fish feed pellet machine? Who can help install it?

We send the machine as a complete set, only need to install some small parts, very simple. I will also provide a video to help you install it.

2. What is the electricity of the floating fish feed pellet machine?

Three-phase electricity and single-phase, our machine has a control cabinet.

3. Do you have the machine in stock?

Sometimes we have it in stock. If we don’t have stock, we need time to prepare the machine.

4. What size of mold do you need?

We will provide 6 fish food pellet molds, you can choose the size you need.

Parameters of floating fish feed pellet machine

Main power22kw
Cutter power0.4kw
Feed supply power0.4kw
Screw Diameter80mm
fish feed pellet machine’s parameter

Detailed information on the hammer mill

Power    3kw
Size800*650*720 mm
hammer mill’s parameter

Technical parameter of the mixer

Power    3kw
Materialstainless steel
mixer’s parameter

How does the floating fish feed extruder work?

Common failures and solutions of floating fish feed pellet mill

  1. The pellet contains too much powder
    Cause of failure: low water content; excessive wear and tear of flat die, thickness too small.
    Elimination method: increase the water content; replace the new flat die.
  2. Rough particle performance
    Cause of failure: High water content; the flat die is used for the first time.
    Elimination method: reduce the water content; repeatedly grind with oil-containing material.
  3. Sudden stop
    Cause of failure: Excessive load (even fuse blown); foreign matter enters the cavity.
    Elimination method: appropriately increase the gap between the pressure roller and flat die to replace the fuse; stop the machine to remove foreign objects.
simple fish feed making production line
simple fish feed making production line

Advantages of fish feed pelletizer

  1. The fish feed pellet mill adopts international advanced technology, and the pellets are very even.
  2. We can get different sizes and lengths of pellet diameters (from 1mm to 8mm in diameter).
  3. The electric heating device improves the expansion rate of the feed.
  4. High temperature and pressure can kill salmonellosis and bacterial infection.
  5. The fish feeder can get animal feed with higher protein and is easy to digest.
  6. It stays on the water surface for 20 hours without worrying about contamination.