Disk mill machine丨grain grinder machine丨grain crusher with cyclone

Disk mill machine can process various grains into particles. And with the continuous development of the food processing industry, there are much different grain grinding types of equipment on the market to process various grains, grains, etc.

In addition to large grain processing equipment to meet the needs of the market, there are many families who need small grinding equipment to meet the needs of their own families. Therefore, small grains are also welcomed by the majority of domestic and foreign families.

Introduction to grain crushing machine

Our, Taizy, manufacture a wide variety of grain crushers. There are disk mill machines, grain grinder machines, and grain crushers with cyclones, etc. All these machines can crush grains, medicinal materials, food, feed, etc. We can eat the The processed material or use it for raising poultry etc. These grain crushers are simple in structure, easy to install, easy to operate, and energy-saving.

Besides, we also manufacture grain peeling machines and corn grits-making machines. All these machines can help you to process the grain easily.

Type 1: disk mill machine

A disk mill machine is an equipment specially can crush all kinds of grains, food, medicinal materials, feed, etc. The processed material is delicate and beautiful. This disk milling cutter has a compact structure, safe and convenient operation, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, stable and reliable performance, and is very popular among users. The power of the pulverizer can be an electric motor or a gasoline engine. Customers can choose the power according to their needs.

disk mill machine
disk mill machine

What materials can the disk mill machine handle?

The disk mill machine is suitable for crushing corn, wheat, beans, straw, vines, dried and fresh potatoes, leaf shell dried (fresh) peppers, Chinese medicinal materials, whole grains, feed, etc. It can also crush low-hardness minerals such as gypsum, lead powder, slip powder, rare earth, chemical industry, clay, coal, etc. So, it is ideal equipment for commercial and home use.


Structure of the disk mill machine

The disk mill machine is mainly include six parts: the upper body, the cover, the rotor assembly, the screen, the feeding device, and the frame. The body and the rotor assembly together form a crushing chamber. The rotor assembly is the main working part. The crushing is carrying in the crushing chamber. The machine is small in size, occupies a small area and has high work efficiency.

disk mill machine
disk mill machine

What is the working principle of the disk mill machine?

When the material enters the crushing chamber, the claw-like structure quickly crush the machine into fine powder and slurry under the action of partial blowing. And also the kneading of the round and flat teeth. Then it is discharged through the sieve hole under the action of centrifugal force and airflow. The disk grinder has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, use and maintenance, and wide use range.

Disk mill machine’s parameter   

corn grinder’s parameter

How does the corn grinder work?

Type 2: grain grinder machine

The grain grinder machine is a product that can grind grains into powder or wet-process grains into pulp. The grain grinder machine is powerful and can process all kinds of rice flour, rice milk, flour, cornflour, wheat flour, soybean flour, etc. The machine has the characteristics of fine powder output, dry and wet dual-use, and adjustable thickness. So, it can meet a variety of needs. In addition, the machine has a leak-proof electric switch with high safety performance.

commercial grain grinder
commercial grain grinder

Components of the grain mill grinder

The machine is mainly includes a feeding funnel, thickness adjusting knob, motor, outlet, thickening bracket, switch, and so on. This grain mill grinder is compact and durable, with high work efficiency.

electric grain mill for sale
electric grain mill for sale

What advantages does the electric grain hammer mill have?

1. The grain grinder has a long service life. Thickened head, steel grinding disc, high material purity, high hardness, and fine surface, which makes grinding more delicate.

2. The fineness of the finished product is adjustable. The machine has a thickness adjustment knob, and customers can adjust it according to their own needs.

3. The machine has a wide range of applications and can process various food, medicine, and other materials.

4. High-power motor, using high-temperature copper wire. So, the machine is durable.

5. Widen and thicken the funnel, strong and firm.

Type 3: grain crusher with cyclone

The grain crusher with cyclone is a pulverizer that can process rice, dried chili, Chinese herbal medicine, whole grains, feed, etc. The difference between this grin grinder and type1 and type2 is that this machine has a tube that can suck the material by itself, which saves time and effort. The thickness of the pulverizer can also be changed, but the screen inside the machine needs to be replaced. Also, this grain mill grinder has a dust removal tank, which collects the dust when the machine is working, which is beneficial to people’s health.

grain crusher for grain
grain crusher for grain

Components of the grain mill machine with cyclone

The grain mill machine with cyclone is mainly composed of a feeding port, a switch, a conveying hose, a pulverizing chamber, a discharging port, and a thickened dust removal tank.

grain mill machine with cyclone
grain mill machine with cyclone

What are the features of the grain crusher for grain?

1. The structure is simple, the crushing chamber is relatively narrow, the volume is small, and the weight is light.

2. The wrapping angle of the screen is 360 degrees, the production efficiency is relatively high, and the working speed is high.

3. The product has fine particle size and wide adaptability to processing materials and can be widely used in the crushing of grain, feed, chemical raw materials, and Chinese herbal medicine.

4. The self-priming pulverizer is equipped with a cyclone, with a self-priming function, which can automatically suck the raw materials into the crushing chamber. So, it improves the utilization rate of raw materials and avoids waste. After crushing, the cyclone can effectively prevent the products from being crushed scattered, and splashed to ensure the crushing output.

Safe operation and maintenance of the machine

1. Before starting the machine, you must read the instruction manual carefully, and carry out adjustments and normal maintenance.

2. The supporting power must meet the requirements, and we should not increase the spindle speed without permission.

3. Before starting the machine, check whether the running direction is the same as the cutting direction, otherwise we should not start the machine.

4. The materials that need to be cut should not be mixed with hard objects such as metals and stones, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

5. After we start the machine for a few hours, it is necessary to observe whether the various parts are loose, and the bearings must be regularly filled with butter.