20 grass chaff cutter and grain grinders sold to Peru

January 29,2022

This customer is an old customer in Peru, he bought 20 grass chaff cutter and grain grinders from us this month. In addition to this machine, he also bought other machines, such as, disk mill, animal feed pellet machine etc. Every year he buys machines from us. So, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship. What is different from the past is that the customer purchased an additional 100 disk mills from us. This is because the last time this customer bought a machine from us, we gave him a disk mill. After using, he feel that the machine works very well. We look forward to cooperating with more customers and bringing them more high-quality and low-cost machines.

What is the structure of the combined chaff cutter & corn crusher?

The combined chaff cutter and corn crusher mainly includes grass inlet, grain inlet, high outlet, middle outlet, low outlet, wheel, and gasoline engine/electric motor.

chaff cutter & corn crusher
chaff cutter & corn crusher

Application scope of mini chaff cutter

The mini chaff cutter can cutting corn stalk, corn cob, peanut shells, sugar cane straw, grass, pennisetum hydridum etc. Also, it can grind corn kernel. This machine can process both dry and wet material.  

mini chaff cutter

Basic operation of combined grass grain crusher

1. When feeding, remove hard objects such as wooden sticks, iron tools, stones and so on.

2. According to the length of the material you need, install and debug gears.

3. Turn on the power source and let the machine idle for a few minutes. If there is no abnormality, then feed uniformly. If not too much material will easily cause overload and stop, and too little will affect the efficiency.

4. When stopping work, we should stop feeding first. Then let the machine idle for two minutes, blow off the dust and weeds, and then turn off the machine.

Packing and shipping of straw cutter &grain grinder

We will pack the machine in wooden case before every machine shipment. And supervise the whole packing process to ensure the smooth delivery of the machine. The packing and loading pictures of the straw cutter and grain grinder show as followings: