Benefits of using the round silage baler

June 02,2022

The widely used round silage baler has the features of lightweight, compact structure, easy operation, and high working efficiency. And the silage baler machine can automatic collection and binding of green and dry forage, rice, corn, and wheat straw, which is easy to transport and store.

What are the benefits of using the round silage baler?

1、Rapidly generate milk, effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria. And prevent the forage from becoming moldy and rotten.
2、Inhibit the silage from heating up and consuming nutrients, effectively reducing the loss of nutrients.
3、Shorten the fermentation time, improving the fermentation efficiency. And enhance the quality of silage.
4、Improve the digestibility of dry matter and crude fiber.
5、Restrain protein degradation in silage and reduce ammonia content. And improve crude protein quality.
6、Improve forage flavor, enhance palatability, and improve livestock feed intake.
7、Effectively inhibit secondary fermentation and long-term storage.
8、Improve the balance of probiotic bacteria in the intestinal tract of livestock. And enhance disease resistance and stress resistance.
9、Increase milk production and improve meat and milk quality.

The use environment of automatic silage baling machine

(1) Operators should be qualified after strict training before using this machine.
(3) We should not use the machine when the moisture of straw and forage is more than 65%.
(4) When using the motor as the power, we must install the grounding wire.
(5) Clean up the silt, rope head, etc. on the umbrella teeth under the rotating frame in time. Otherwise, damage the machine parts.
(6) When the moisture of forage is 55%~65%, the weight of the bale should not exceed 80kg/bale. Because the machine parts will be damaged.
(7) The machine must be waterproof, rainproof, and rustproof during use or storage.

silage packing machine
silage packing machine

Straw packing machine’s structure advantages

1、Power input has a safety clutch. And the main drive shaft, compression device, and bale rope device have insurance bolts. When the system is overloaded, the bolt can be cut automatically to cut off the power transmission of the tractor. And protect the system from damage.
2、Straw packing machines can adapt to different biological materials baling. It is firm and reliable, efficient and flexible.
3、Automatic feeding, compression, rope bundling, bale discharge. The whole process is automatic operation, easy to operate, high efficiency.

silage baler
silage baler

Operation and maintenance of corn silage baler machine

1、Please inject hydraulic oil (hydraulic oil type suitable for local climate conditions) before starting the machine, the oil is high to the scale.

2, Carefully check the power lines and prevent trouble spots, and leakage, to ensure the safety of electricity.

3, Carefully check the machine motor and the bolts of the connecting parts of the transmission parts. Whether the screws can be consolidated. And whether there is any looseness, so as to tight in time.

4, Let the machine idle for 2 minutes after the machine is turned on. Then check whether the rotation of the silage baling and wrapping machine can be normal, and only when normal can be evenly loaded.

5, Before loading the machine, be sure to pay attention to the hard debris in the raw materials. Prevent stones, iron blocks, etc. from entering the silo to avoid damage to the machine.

6, Do not put your hands, sticks, or metal objects into the compression bin during the operation of the silage baling and wrapping machine. so as not to cause harm to the human body.

7, Regularly check the hydraulic system and add hydraulic oil in time. Make sure the device is functioning properly.

corn silage baler machine
corn silage baler machine