Rice paddy and wheat thresher sold to Ghana

January 29,2022

Our client is a farmer in Ghana. He is buying a machine from us for the second time. The first time he bought a fish feed pellet machine from us to feed the fish in a nearby pond. This time, according to the customer’s needs, we recommended the 5TD-125 rice and wheat thresher, which is equipped with an electric-start diesel engine. The customer’s second purchase of the machine from us reflects the customer’s affirmation of the quality and service of our machine, which is we have always done.

Rice paddy and wheat thresher
Rice paddy and wheat thresher

The scope of application of the high efficiency rice and wheat thresher machine

5TD-125 rice and wheat thresher can only thresh rice and wheat. This machine can not thresh other grains. Farmers can also use chaff cutter to process threshed straw. And the straw can be used as fertilizer to feed cattle, sheep, pigs, etc.

Working video of wholesale paddy and wheat thresher

Working video of wholesale paddy and wheat thresher

Parameter of the thresher machine 5TD-125 for rice and wheat

Power22HP diesel engine(electric start)
Roller Speed1050 r/min
Parameter of the thresher machine

How to install a rice and wheat threshing machine?

  1. Place the rice and wheat threshing machine on a flat surface.
  2. Check the v-belt carefully and adjust the direction of the diesel engine.
  3. Adjust the space between the roller and the concave surface.
  4. Make sure the thresher machine’s screws are tightened.
  5. Let the rice and wheat thresher spin for 3-5 minutes to make sure the machine is running normally, then start working.

Safety Precautions of high quality paddy wheat thresher machine

1. It is strictly forbidden to open or remove the safety cover of each rotating part when the machine is working.

2. Do not feed too large or too violently. When the feeding port is blocked, we should stop the power quickly to avoid damage to the machine.

3. Be careful not to feed ropes, hard objects, stones, metals, etc. into the machine, so as not to damage the machine.

5. The elderly, minors and unskilled people can not operate the machine.

6. The operator should stand on the side of the feeding table and do not put their hands into the feeding port.

7. The workplace should be flat, spacious, and equipped with reliable fire prevention facilities.