Shipping the groundnut shell removing machine to Tanzania

Our groundnut shell removing machine has 4 models. Among them, the TBH-800 peanut sheller with the largest output can reach 600-800kg/h. The customer purchased this type of peanut shelling machine. In addition to this ordinary peanut sheller, we also have a combined peanut sheller with a larger output. The minimum output of the peanut shelling unit is 700-800kg/h.

Customer’s reason for purchasing the groundnut shell removing machine

The customer is an agricultural machinery agent in Tanzania. And he specializes in purchasing various products for his customers. Some time ago, the customer received a request to purchase two peanut shelling machines. And the output of the machine is required to be no less than 500 kg per hour.

groundnut shell removing machine
groundnut shell removing machine

What is the most important point for customers about the peanut sheller?

  1. Whether the output of the groundnut shell removing machine can meet the needs of customers. The output of our peanut sheller is professionally tested and can reach 600-800kg/h per hour.
  2. Is there a discount for buying two peanut shellers? We are an agricultural machinery manufacturer, and the price we offer is directly the lowest price, and no discounts can be provided. But we can apply for gifting customer accessories.
  3. The weight of a peanut sheller. We weighed it again and confirmed that it was 160kg.

Technical information about our groundnut sheller

Power3kW motor OR 170F gasoline engine, 8hp diesel engine
groundnut sheller machine’s parameter

What makes customers choose our peanut shelling machine?

  1. Real groundnut shell removing machine information. The parameters we provide to our customers are all real. We will also provide customers with reasonable purchase suggestions.
  2. High-quality agricultural machinery. As the machines are not easily damaged and repaired, many customers who buy machines from us are satisfied.
  3. Sincere service. We will actively solve customer problems and provide convenience from the perspective of customers.
  4. One year after-sales service.
peanut shelling machine
peanut shelling machine