Notes on the use of groundnut shelling machine

November 07,2022

In order to improve the efficiency of peanut shelling, more and more people use groundnut shelling machines to replace traditional labor. So what are the matters that need attention when using a peanut shelling machine? Here are some suggestions. Hope you have help.

1. Keep the groundnut shelling machine clean

Ensure that the equipment is clean. The use of a groundnut shelling machine before the machine to deal with cleaning. For example, clean up the dirt, rocks, metal, and other impurities inside. This can ensure the efficiency of the peanut shelling machine. And avoid any malfunction in the work of the machine.

groundnut shelling machine
groundnut shelling machine

2. Dry and wet suitable for peanuts

We should ensure peanuts to dry and wet suitable. If the peanuts are too dry, then easy to break, and can not ensure the integrity of peanuts. Long-term storage of peanuts is relatively dry, so it is recommended that the peanuts can be processed before shelling wet some.

peanut sheller machine

3. Pay attention to the groundnut shelling machine’s temperature

The summer temperature is relatively high, so pay attention to the temperature of the components when using a peanut shelling machine. This will help to avoid any mechanical failure. Also, the working temperature of the motor can not exceed sixty degrees Celsius. So, if the motor temperature is found to be too high, we must immediately stop to check the circuit to avoid burning the motor.

If the temperature of the pulley is found to rise, it is necessary to check whether the belt is slipping, according to the situation for tensioning or replacement, to avoid causing the peanut sheller speed is too low. What’s more, before using the machine, check whether the peanut shelling machine above the parts is loose.