Groundnut sheller machine丨peanut shelling machine

Nowadays, people have a great demand for peanuts. Peanuts can be made into peanut butter, peanut oil, seasoning, and so on. So people will grow a lot of peanuts. Therefore, people need to shell a large number of peanuts. Manual shelling will consume a lot of labor and time. Therefore, the use of groundnut sheller machines has become the primary choice of people. Our peanut shelling machine has a CE certificate.

How about our groundnut sheller machine?

We have various models of peanut sheller machines. This article mainly introduces several small models of peanut shellers. They are TBH200, TBH400, TBH800, 6BHD-800D. They are mainly different in output. Customers can choose the machine that suits their needs. In addition to these smaller peanut shellers, we also have larger peanut shelling units, which can shell peanuts in larger quantities.

Type1: TBH200 Peanut Shelling Machine

This model of peanut sheller can produce 200kg/h. The machine can work through an electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine. Customers can choose the power they need. We will equip the machine with two screens, customers have to change different screens according to the size of the peanut seeds.

Industrial Peanut Shelling Machine
Industrial Peanut Shelling Machine

Type2: TBH400 Industrial Peanut Shelling Machine

This groundnut sheller machine is capable of shelling 300-400 kg of peanuts per hour. The power of the machine is the same as Type1. Two different sizes of screens are available, customers can choose the right one to install and use.

peanut sheller for sale
peanut sheller for sale

Type3: TBH800 Groundnut Shell Removing Machine

This type of groundnut sheller machine has a white duct and a fan to shell the peanuts twice if they are not clean. About the screen, the machine comes with two screens, one big and one small.ut both screens need to be put into the machine at the same time. After pouring in the peanuts, they first go through the first relatively large screen to shell the fuller peanuts, and then the peeled peanut particles leak out through the discharge port.
The less full peanuts and the peanuts that are not peeled cleanly then pass through the fan into the second, smaller screen for second shelling. The machine is also powered by a diesel, electric and gasoline engine.

Type4: 6BHD-800D Groundnut Sheller

This model of groundnut sheller is exactly the same as Type 3. However, this type of machine can be equipped with a rack and large tires. African customers like this type of peanut sheller.

groudnut shell remover
groundnut shell remover

Structure of the groundnut shell removing machine

The main structure of these three models of groundnut sheller machines is similar. Below is the structure and details of the 400 model. The machine mainly includes an inlet, outlet, shelling chamber, etc.

How do machines deshell peanuts?

Whats a groundnut shelling machine?

TBH-200200kg/h2.2kW motor, 170F gasoline engine, 6hp diesel engine40kg650*560*1000mm
TBH-400300-400kg/h3kW motor, 170F gasoline engine, 8hp diesel engine//
TBH-800600-800kg/h3kW motor OR 170F gasoline engine, 8hp diesel engine160kg1330*750*1570mm
6BHD-800B600-800kg/h2.2-3.0kW motor160kg1330*750*1570mm
groundnut shelling machine’s parameter

Working principle of groundnut sheller machine

After normal operation, the groundnut sheller machine puts peanuts into the feeding hopper quantitatively, evenly, and continuously. The peanuts are crushed under the action of repeated blows, friction, and collision of the rotor. The peanut grains and broken peanut shells pass through the screen of certain apertures under the rotating wind pressure and blow off the rotor. The lightweight peanut shells are blown out of the body, and the peanut grains are discharged from another outlet through the screening of the vibrating screen.

The advantages of peanut shell remover

1、The machine has clean shelling, high productivity, output range is 200-800kg/h. Customers can choose the desired machine model according to their needs.
2、Low loss rate and small crushing rate of a peanut kernel.
3、The structure of the groundnut sheller machine is simple, reliable, and easy to adjust.
4、Both dry and wet peanut is suitable. But too dry will be a high crushing rate, and too wet will affect the work efficiency.

Automatic peanut sheller sold to the United States

The customer is a peanut butter worker in the United States. He contacted us by browsing our peanut shelling machine page. Our sales manager immediately contacted the customer. Through communication, we learned that the customer had previously purchased peanut kernels directly to process into peanut butter. Recently, customers want to shell peanuts themselves. According to the customer’s output requirements, we recommended the TBH400 model groundnut sheller machine. Since the machine was within the customer’s budget, the customer placed an order for a peanut sheller immediately after all the information was confirmed. Here is the packing and shipping picture of the machine.