Onion transplanter for sale to Paraguay

A customer from Paraguay has bought an onion transplanter for sale from us. The transplanter is a six-row, tractor-drawn transplanter.

Brief description of the customer

The customer is an onion producer from Paraguay. The customer specializes in the cultivation of onions. In order to increase the efficiency of transplanting onions, the customer sought an onion transplanter for sale to carry out the transplanting work. The first time the customer bought the equipment from us, he bought the transplanter from us first and then the nursery machine and trays.

Onion transplanter for sale
Onion transplanter for sale

Parameters of the onion transplanter for sale

Plant spacing200-500mm
Row spacing300-500mm
automatic onion transplanter parameter

What are the reasons customer choose our automatic onion transplanter?

  1. Detailed information about the vegetable transplanter. We provide our customers with detailed machine parameters, videos of the machine in action, how the machine works, etc.
  2. Positive response to customers’ messages and questions. We will reply to our customers in a timely manner and help them to answer various questions.
  3. Thorough service. We provide excellent service to our customers during the purchase process and for a year afterward.

Payment and transport of transplanted