Small grass chopper sold to Malaysia

Small grass chopper can mainly cut crop stalks, grass, pastures, etc. Because most of the chopped is roughage, it is suitable for cattle, sheep, and other livestock farmers. Generally speaking, chaff cutter machines have two types: electric motor and diesel engine trailer, gasoline engine, and diesel engine.

The grasscutter has a wide range of applications and can cut dry and wet corn stalks. The straw chopper machine has received the love of the majority of farmers at home and abroad. Our straw guillotine machines are exported to Nigeria, Uganda, the Philippines, Kenya, and Tanzania in more than 20 countries.

Small grass chopper in Malaysia

Our client has a cattle farm in Malaysia. Until now, he has always handled the fodder himself or hired someone else. Later, the customer found that the manual processing of materials is inefficient and rough. And the handle processed silage is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of cattle. So he wants to use the machine to process the forage.

After communicating with the customer, we recommended a small stalk cutter to the customer. And the customer finally decided to buy 10 machines.

The scope of application of the grass chaff cutter

This small chaff cutter machine can handle dry and wet corn stalks, cotton stalks, sorghum stalks, straw, reeds, hay, wheat straw, pasture, etc. The processed material can be fed to cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, and other livestock.

The mini chaff cutter is suitable for the majority of farmers and small-scale farmers. A grasscutter is a machine for raising herbivorous livestock in rural areas and farms. And chopping is a process and a basic method to improve the utilization rate of roughage.

various materials
various materials

The structure of the portable grass chopper

The portable grass chopper mainly has a feeding mechanism, a cutting device, a transmission, a protective device, a frame, and an outlet.

Composition of each part:

1. Feeding mechanism. It mainly has a feeding table, rollers, fixed blade, and fixed knife support base.

2. Cutting and throwing mechanism. It mainly includes moving knife, cutter head, locking screw, etc.

3. Transmission mechanism. This part mainly has V-belt, transmission shaft, gear, universal joint, etc.

4. Walking mechanism. They are casters.

5. Protective device. This is a rotective cover.

grass cutter's structure
grass cutter’s structure

How does the forage chopper work?

The small grass chopper’s power is motor. The motor transmits power to the spindle. Then the gear at the other end of the main shaft transmits the power to the pressing grass roller through the gearbox, universal joint, etc. When the material enters the pressing Cao Kun. And the pressing Cao Kun will send the material to the cutting mechanism at a certain speed. Then the high-speed rotating cutter will chop the material. And throw it through the outlet.

What advantages does the small straw chopper have?

The small grass chopper has the characteristics of high output, economical efficiency, and green environmental protection. And our straw chopper also has the following advantages.

  1. The small grass chopper has a steel structure frame, small in size, and lightweight. The straw chaff cutter machine also has movable wheels, which are really easy to operate and easy to move.
  2. The safety device can prevent the accident of gnawing the knife, and the whole machine is safe and reliable.
  3. The grass roller drive shaft adopts a universal joint, which is compact in structure, flexible in operation, and convenient in disassembly and assembly.
  4. Various options for supporting power, including electric motors, diesel engines, and tractors, are especially suitable for areas where electricity is lacking.
  5. The blade is made of high-quality steel, refined by a special process, and is super wear-resistant. And it adopts high-strength bolts, which are safe and reliable to use.
  6. The shell is made of thickened steel plate by continuous welding, the whole mold is formed. And the overall mold is formed, which is beautiful and durable.

Packaging and delivery pictures of the straw chopper

We will pack the machine in a solid wooden box, which can well protect the machine and prevent moisture. Then put it into the container for transportation.