Thailand distributor purchased Taizy silage round baler

Recently, we successfully collaborated with a significant livestock dealer in Thailand. The opportunity arose from the reduction in price of our fully automatic PLC silage round baler.

Price Reduction Offers and Technological Advancements

This price reduction was made possible due to advancements in our manufacturing technology, facilitating bulk production.

Additionally, we introduced a special discount offer for multiple purchases, coinciding with the upcoming Chinese New Year, which greatly supported the finalization of this collaboration.

silage round baler to Thailand
silage round baler to Thailand

Voltage Adaptation Challenge and Solution

However, during the follow-up with our sales representative, a challenge emerged: the customer required a voltage of 220V, while our standard voltage was 380V.

To address this issue, the customer suggested installing a frequency converter to convert household electricity to industrial electricity.

This posed a new challenge for us, but our team promptly engaged in negotiation and debugging work. After several rounds of communication and negotiation, we achieved a satisfactory outcome.

Voltage issue of silage machine
Voltage issue of silage machine

Triumph of Collaboration and Trust

Through close cooperation and communication with the customer, we not only successfully resolved the technical challenge but also strengthened our partnership.

The customer appreciated our professional expertise in problem-solving and recognized the quality of our products and the efficiency of our services.

This collaboration not only brought us an important deal but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation with the customer.

Future Outlook

We look forward to further collaboration with this livestock dealer in Thailand, continuing to provide them with high-quality products and professional services.

Together, we aim to drive the development of the livestock industry and achieve mutual success.