An Angolan farmer purchased Taizy peanut sheller machine

Recently, a prominent farmer in Angola made a significant purchase of our company’s peanut machinery, including a peanut harvester, peanut picker, and peanut sheller.

This case study highlights the procurement process of these machines by the farmer and their impact on farm operations.

Challenge: Peanut Harvesting and Processing

Previously, this large-scale farm in Angola faced challenges in peanut harvesting and processing. Traditional manual methods were inefficient and labor-intensive, leading to delays and inconsistent yields during the harvest season.

Solution: Comprehensive Peanut Machinery

To address these challenges, the farmer opted for our company’s peanut machinery. Our range of peanut harvesters, pickers, and shellers provides a comprehensive solution.

These advanced machines efficiently harvest, pick, and shell peanuts, saving time and labor costs.

Results: Improved Production Efficiency

With the deployment of our peanut machinery, the farmer achieved significant results. The peanut harvester and picker reduced labor intensity and increased harvesting efficiency.

automatic peanut sheller
automatic peanut sheller

Meanwhile, the automated function of the peanut sheller enhanced processing speed and yield.

Impact: Transforming Farm Operations

The purchase of these peanut machines has transformed the farmer’s operations in Angola. Not only has it significantly increased efficiency in peanut harvesting and processing, but it has also improved product quality and market competitiveness.

The deployment of these machines has modernized and streamlined farm operations, laying a solid foundation for future development.


The procurement of our peanut machinery marks a pivotal moment for the farmer in Angola, underscoring their commitment to modernizing agricultural practices. With the acquisition of the peanut harvester, picker, and sheller, the farmer has not only overcome previous challenges in harvesting and processing but has also ushered in a new era of efficiency and productivity on their farm.

Peanut shell removing machine
Peanut shell removing machine

The transformative impact of these machines extends beyond mere operational improvements. It signifies a shift towards sustainable farming practices, where technology plays a crucial role in optimizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact. By embracing innovation, the farmer has positioned themselves at the forefront of agricultural advancement in Angola.

As they continue to harness the capabilities of our peanut machinery, the farmer can anticipate further enhancements in yield consistency, product quality, and market competitiveness. This success case serves as a beacon for other farmers, demonstrating the profound benefits of investing in modern agricultural equipment for long-term growth and prosperity.