60T/D integrated automatic rice milling machine unit

Introduction of 60T/D rice milling machine

60T/D integrated automatic rice milling machine is the equipment that can process the paddy into rice. The basic version of the 60T/D rice milling machine includes combined clearer, stone remover, husker, gravity paddy separator, rice mill, and the rice grader. It can also add other relative machines to combine into a more complete product line. Such as rice mill with water, color sorter, and packaging machine, which is more time-saving, energy-saving, and higher efficiency, etc. This rice mill unit has advantages of easy operation, simple maintenance, low rice temperature, etc. And this equipment is suitable for all kinds of raw grains in different regions. Besides, we also have small capacity rice mill machines. And these machines have the only the function of milling rice.

Structure of the 60T/D complete set rice mill plant

It includes combined clearer, stone remover, Husker, gravity paddy separator, rice mill machine, rice grader.

60T/D complete set rice mill plant's structure
60T/D complete set rice mill plant’s structure

Functions of every part of the integrated rice milling machine

  1. Combined clearer: mainly removes impurities such as straw sticks, branches and smaller impurities in the paddy.
  2. Stone remover: clear the small stones and debris with a large specific gravity in the rice to avoid damage to the rice processing equipment.
  3. Husker: remove the shell of rice. The rice is processed into brown rice.
  4. Gravity paddy separator: it can sieve rice into brown rice, the mixture of brown rice and paddy, paddy. And the paddy will enter the husker again.
  5. Rice Mill: process brown rice into smooth and white rice.
  6. Rice grader: Get whole rice into 3 grades. One is big whole rice. Second is small whole rice. And third is broken rice.

Working flow of the 60T/D combined set rice milling machine

  1. First, putting the paddy into the hopper of the elevator.  
  2. Second, the paddy enters into the stone remover to remove the stones from the paddy.  
  3. Next enter the husker to remove the shell of the paddy.
  4. Then it enters the paddy separator, the rice still in shell is sent to the hulling machine again. And the brown rice enters the rice milling machine.
  5. And then enter the grader.

Parameter of automatic rice milling machine production line

MachineCapacity(t/h)Rotating speed (r/min)Power(kw)Suction volume(m³/h)
Combined clearer6-79202*0.374800
Stone remover6-7185+_150.753800-4200
Gravity paddy separator3.4-4255+_151.5 
Rice mill2-3129022-303500-3800
Rice grader2.5-3.5150+_151.1 
Parameter of automatic rice milling machine production line

High-capacity 60T/D rice milling machine’s features:

1. This production line is suitable to add various kinds of rice, with a wide range of applications, high rice yield, and low rice broken rate.

2. Multiple rice milling machines can produce high-precision and high-quality rice, which is more suitable for business needs.

3. It is matched with a separate cleaning screen and stone removing machine, the effect of removing impurities and stone is better.

4. You can also install a polisher that will make the rice more crystal clear and of better quality.

5. Adopt an external suction air net to reduce dust pollution and improve the working environment.

6. Have a complete technical process and a full set of production equipment, including cleaning, stone removal, shelling, rice milling, grading, polishing, color sorting, selection, automatic weighing, packaging, etc.

Packing and shipping of rice milling machine unit