Automatic rice paddy seed sowing machine

Model TZY-280A
Size 6830*460*1020mm
Weight 190kg
Power 240w for deliver120w for seeding
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel 45L
Seed funnel 30L
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel 45L
Sowing quantity(g/tray)Hybrid rice 95~304.5
Capacity 969-1017tray/hour

A paddy seed sowing machine is equipment designed to sow rice and mulch the soil. Using a rice seedling machine to sow seedlings can help people who are growing rice seedlings to work more efficiently.

Among them, fully automatic rice seedling planters are more convenient and efficient. In addition to rice seedling planters, we produce vegetable nursery seedling machines that can sow various seeds in cavity trays.

working video of the paddy seed sowing machine

Introduction of paddy seed sowing machine

Taizy’s automatic rice paddy seed sowing machine can load and stack trays automatically. In addition, there is also a part for automatic soil loading. Therefore, one machine combines the functions of tray feeding, soil covering, watering, seeding, and tray stacking into one.

This can help the user to save more manpower and time. The rice seeding machine is highly efficient and precise in sowing, which helps to improve the survival rate of seedlings. It also helps to save rice seeds.

paddy seed sowing machine
paddy seed sowing machine

Structure of rice seedling machine

The structure of the paddy seed sowing machine is relatively simple in general. The machine mainly contains a conveyor belt, mulching box, water sprinkling part, seeding device, stacking tray part, soil loading part, etc.

rice seedling machine
rice seedling machine

The workflow of the paddy seeding machine

  1. First, turn on the paddy seed sowing machine and put the seedling tray on the automatic tray supply device.
  2. The rice seedling machine will send the seedling tray forward by the conveyor belt.
  3. The seedling tray will reach under the first soil box, which will be covered with soil.
  4. After the first mulching, the seedling tray will be swept away by brushes to remove the excess soil from the tray.
  5. Then the water sweeper will sprinkle water.
  6. The seedling tray will pass through the seeding section, and the machine will sow the seeds.
  7. After sowing, the seedlings will be mulched again.
  8. Finally, the machine will automatically stack the seedling trays together and wait for the workers to collect them.

How does the paddy seed sowing machine work?

working process of the paddy rice seeder machine

What are the machines that can work with the rice seedling machine?

Using the rice seedling machine can work together with a rice transplanter. It can increase the efficiency of work.

First people use the rice seedling machine to sow seeds, and when the seedlings are mature, they can use the rice transplanter to transplant the seedlings into the field.

rice transplanter
rice transplanter

Working principle of the automatic paddy rice seeding machine

The working principle of the rice seedling machine is relatively simple.

It is mainly driven by motor power to drive the conveyor belt. Then the transmission mechanism is used to distribute the power to each mechanism.

This will drive all parts of the machine to work, to complete the rice seedling.

paddy rice seeding machine for business
Paddy rice seeding machine for business

Parameters of the rice seed planting machine

Power240w for deliver120w for seeding
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel45L
Seed funnel30L
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel45L
Sowing quantity(g/tray)Hybrid rice95~304.5
Thickness of subsoil18-25mm
The thickness of the surface soil3-9mm
rice seed planting machine’s parameters

Advantages of rice nursery seedling machine

  1. High sowing efficiency. One machine combines mulching, seeding and watering, and automatic tray stacking in one. So it can finish all the seeding contents quickly.
  2. Precise sowing can save a lot of seeds. At the same time, the sown seeds grow well and have a high survival rate.
  3. The high degree of automation. The fully automatic rice seeder can automatically feed the tray and automatically stack the tray. It is also equipped with an automatic soil-feeding conveyor belt. This saves more manpower.
  4. Simple structure, easy to operate. Only one person is needed to do all the work when sowing rice with this machine.

Rice nursery machine sold to Azerbaijan

A customer from Azerbaijan bought a rice paddy seed sowing machine from us. The customer bought it for his friend. While communicating with the customer about the machine, we sent pictures, videos, and parameters of the machine to the customer.

We also introduced two models of our rice seedling machine to the customer. One is a standard model and the other is fully automatic. Then the customer decided to buy the fully automatic rice seedling machine after discussing it with his friends.


We prioritize product quality and durability, ensuring that the Paddy Rice Seeder Machine maintains high and stable performance over extended periods of use. In addition, our customer service team is readily available to provide support and address any questions regarding machine usage and maintenance.

If you envision improving rice planting efficiency, reducing labor costs, and enhancing the future of agricultural production, our Paddy Rice Seeder Machine is the ideal choice.

Feel free to contact us at any time; we look forward to providing you with more detailed information and tailoring a solution that best fits your agricultural needs. By choosing our machine, you are taking a step towards more efficient, sustainable, and successful agricultural production.