4 row rice transplanter for rice seedings

Model 2ZS-4
Size 2140×1630×910(mm)
Weight 165kg
Engine Power 2.6/3000 (kw/rpm)
Working lines 4 lines
Working speed 0.34-0.77 (m/s)
Line distance 300(mm)
Seeding distance 210;180;160;140;120(mm)
Seeding depth 15-35(mm)

The rice transplanter is already the first choice for most rice growers. Nowadays, in order to carry out farmland work more efficiently, it has become a common phenomenon to use machines to transplant rice seedlings. The rice-planting machine is powerful.

And our transplanter can plant 4 or 6 rows of seedlings at a time. Compared with manual labor, it is more efficient, and the effect of transplanting rice seedlings is also good.

Introduction of rice transplanter

Currently, we produce paddy transplanters in 4-row and 6-row models. Regarding the 4-row rice transplanter, the user needs to push the machine by hand to work. The paddy transplanter is powered by a gasoline engine. When using the 6-row rice planting machine, the customer needs to sit and drive the rice transplanter. For the 6-row transplanter, the power is a diesel engine.
Besides that, we can adjust the depth of this model of rice transplanter from 15 cm to 35 cm.

In addition to these machines for transplanting rice, we also produce vegetable transplanting machines, which can transplant seedlings of various vegetables.

What kind of machine can work with the rice sowing machine?

The rice transplanter can work together with the nursery seedling machines. We can use the seedling-raising machine to cultivate rice seedlings first. And then we can transplant the rice seedlings when they rice seedlings are mature. This saves a lot of time for artificial seedling raising and rice transplanting and improves efficiency.

rice nursery machine
rice nursery machine

Why do we need to use a rice seeding machine?

  1. High work efficiency. We all know that manual transplanting is very time-consuming. And need to employ a lot of personnel, have so just improved the cost of planting rice. Therefore, using a rice seeding machine can be more efficient and cost-effective.
  2. The rice sowing machine works well. Because the machine work can realize and maintain the standard plant spacing and row spacing. This also helps the seedlings to grow better.

The structure of the paddy planting machine

  1. The first is the paddy planting machine with 4 rows. This type of rice planting is mainly composed of a seedling box, seedling tray frame, engine, wheel, etc. The following is the detailed structure diagram of the machine.
4 row paddy planting machine's structure
4 row paddy planting machine’s structure

2. The following is the structural diagram of the 6-row paddy transplanter.

6 row rice transplanter strucure
6 row rice transplanter strucure

Working principle of rice plantation machine

Although the appearance of the machine is different. But the basic flow of how machines work is much the same.

  1. The rice shoot of the whole sheet is put into the seedling box.
  2. Then move laterally with the seedling box, and the seedling-taking device takes away a certain number of seedlings in successive divisions.
  3. Under the action of the trajectory control mechanism, the seedlings are inserted into the soil according to the agronomic requirements.
  4. At last, the seedling fetching device gets back to the seedling box to fetch seedlings according to a certain trajectory.

Detailed technical information on rice planting machine


Engine Power2.6/3000 (kw/rpm)
Working lines4 lines
Working speed0.34-0.77 (m/s)
Line distance300(mm)
Seeding distance210;180;160;140;120(mm)
Seeding depth15-35(mm)


Diesel Engine Model175F hand start
Diesel Engine Output(kw/HP)3.72/5.5
Diesel Engine Rotating Speed(r/min)2600
Number of Transplanting Row6
Row to Row Distance(mm)300mm
Hill to Hill Distance(mm)120/140mm
Transplanting Efficiency0.35-0.5acres/H
Net Weight300kg

Working scene of the rice planter

What are the features of the rice sowing machine?

  1. The rice transplanter works fast, and sows seedlings evenly, which is conducive to disease resistance and high yield!
  2. The 4-row rice transplanter needs to be hand-held, and the 6-row rice transplanter can be driven. There is no need for people to bend over to plant rice seedlings. This greatly reduces the labor intensity of people.
  3. The machine work realizes one pit for one seedling, avoiding the phenomenon of wasting seedlings.
  4. The rice planted by the rice transplanter is conducive to the ventilation of the rice and the sun. Such rice grains are full and the empty shell rate is low.
rice sowing machine
rice sowing machine

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