Maize sheller machine丨high capacity corn threshing machine

A maize sheller machine is an equipment that can process dried corn. This machine is widely used after farmers harvest a large amount of corn through the corn harvester. The working efficiency of the machine is high, and the output is six tons per hour. In addition, the corn thresher has the characteristics of good threshing quality, simple structure, sturdiness and durability, and reliable work. If threshing the corn manually, will take a lot of time and manpower. Therefore, the machine has been popular with farmers for many years. And we also have the small output corn thresher machine.

What is a maize sheller machine?

Our maize sheller machine can separate the corn kernels from the cob in big quantities. The machine can be equipped with two power sources, a diesel engine and an electric motor. So that this machine can adapt to the needs of different customers. In addition to the machine itself, we also have the grain conveying pipe and conveyor belt. You can choose to install these two optional pieces of equipment. These two parts help people save a lot of energy. And also have the fresh corn threshing machine. It can process corn that does not need to be sun-dried.

Structure of the maize sheller machine

This corn sheller machine design mainly includes a corn inlet, internal threshing, and rolling device, corn kernel outlet, corn cob outlet, electric motor or diesel engine, frame, etc.

Optional equipment: grain conveying pipe and conveyor belt. The conveyor belt can help people more easily transport the corn to the threshing chamber of the corn thresher. The grain conveying pipe can centrally transport the corn kernels to the designated location. It saves more manpower and is more convenient to use.

high capacity corn threshing machine
high capacity corn threshing machine

Specification of commercial corn sheller

Model5TY-80D (with elevating feeder and conveyor)
Power15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor
Capacity6t/h (Corn seeds )
Threshing rate≥99.5%
Loss rate≤2.0%
Breakage rate≤1.5%
Impurity rate≤1.0%
Size3860*1360*2480 mm
commercial corn sheller‘s parameter

Working procedure of corn shelling machine

  1. Firstly, feed the corn into the conveyor belt. And the conveyor belt delivers the corn into the threshing chamber.
  2. Then under the interaction of the iron roller and the screen, the corn is threshed.
  3. Next, the corn shelling machine separates the corn cob and kernel.
  4. Then the corn kernel and the corn con drop out from the corresponding outlet.

Working video of the high capacity corn threshing machine

Advantages of the automatic corn threshing machine

  1. This corn threshing machine can complete threshing, separation, cleaning, stacking, and other operations at one time.
  2. High working efficiency, its output is 6t/h.
  3. High removal rate and good cleaning effect.  
  4. The machine is durable and reliable. The machine is made of high-quality material.
  5. The grain conveying pipe can centrally transport the corn kernels to the designated location.

Installation and adjustment of industrial corn sheller

1. Install the diesel engine on the frame, adjust the length of the screw rod, and adjust the tightness of the spindle belt, there is a separation screw on the frame, unscrew the separation screw, turn the diesel engine up, and the belt will be loose, the diesel engine can start in the state of no load

2. Check the tightness of the spindle, auger, elevator, and fan belt. The tightness should be moderate.

3. The slope of the vibrating screen is adjustable. By adjusting the height of the two supporting frames, the slope of the vibrating screen can be increased or decreased. So as to achieve the speed of regulating the impurity.

4. Below the screen is the impurity outlet, most of the impurities are discharged there. And we can tie a long and large woven bag in the impurity outlet.

5. Before the maize sheller machine works, adjust the height of the two support rods under the diesel engine frame. And then insert into the pipe, the height of the support rod should make two tires almost off the ground. So as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.

industrial corn sheller
industrial corn sheller