Hand push vegetable seeder丨vegetable seed planting machine

Our hand push vegetable seeder can sow a variety of vegetable seeds. Vegetable planters have different row numbers, which can meet the customer’s demand for the number of rows. In general, our vegetable planters are gasoline engines. Because the machine has powered traction, people don’t need to put a lot of effort into using the machine. And the vegetable seeder has a fast seeding speed, high efficiency, and time-saving.

When the machine is working, it can complete the actions of ditching, sowing, and covering soil at one time. And the machine can work on flat and ridged fields, which are not picky about the terrain and have strong adaptability. In addition, we also have a nursery seedling machine for sowing seeds into plug trays, which is suitable for planting in greenhouses.

Application scope of the hand push vegetable seeder

This hand push vegetable seeder can plant carrots, daikon, carrots, turnips, beets, onions, spinach, radishes, daikon, carrots, turnips, beets, onions, green shoots, cabbage, asparagus, sunflower, lettuce, celery, cabbage, small cabbage, baby cabbage, choy sum, green onion, snow red, sesame, grape, pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, rapeseed, millet, soybean, wheat, forage grass, and other small and medium seeds. For seeds of different sizes, we should change different seeding trays.

Structure of the vegetable seed planting machine

The vegetable seed planting machine mainly includes power, opener, seed box, handrail, soil covering wheel, wheels, and so on.

tomato seed planting machine
tomato seed planting machine

Working principle of the tomato seed planting machine

After the precise control of the number of seeds planted by the local seeding control system, the seeds are relatively regular and single seeds are discharged into the soil layer. In the end, the plant spacing is natural and reasonable, which saves the laborious link of artificial squatting and thinning. At the same time, the seeding efficiency is more than 15 times that of manual seeding.

Working video of the hand push soybean seeder

Specification of the hand push vegetable seeder

Start methodhand pull start
Power170 gasoline engine 4.0KW
Packing Size1160*1260*870mm
hand push vegetable seeder’s parameter

What are the features of the vegetable planting machine?

  1. The vegetable planting machine can complete ditching, sowing, soil covering, and blasting at one time.
  2. With its own power planter, it is suitable for large-scale operations. And can work on the ridge.
  3. Small seeds have a good effect on intensive planting.
  4. Easy to operate and dexterous in turning.
  5. The seeding wheel made of special materials can accurately drop seeds. And have a high seed drop rate. So this machine is also seed saving.
  6. Both sides have movable rubber wheels. So, it is convenient for the storage and movement of the planter when it is not working.
  7. Seeding wheel type, free assembly. So, it is detachable to increase or decrease the number of rows.
  8. We can change the sowing wheel to sow different types of seeds.
  9. Randomly match different types of gears to adjust the plant spacing.