4 row peanut planter丨Multi-functional groundnut planting machine

This 4 row peanut planter is agricultural equipment specially used for sowing peanuts. The tractor drives the machine to work together, transmitting the power through the PTO. Normally, the peanut planter has three basic functions: fertilization, sowing, and soil covering, which can meet the basic needs of planting peanuts.

But with the diversification of people’s needs, our 4-row peanut planter can also add medicine boxes, mulching, soil pressing, and rotary tillage functions. We can customize peanut planters according to the specific needs of customers.

Because of its simple structure, convenient operation, and low price, our peanut planter is welcomed by customers at home and abroad.

peanut planting machine working video

Introduction to the Peanut Planter

Our peanut planters can sow multiple rows of peanuts at one time, such as 2 rows, 4 rows, 6 rows, and 8 rows. Their models are 2BH-2, 2BH-4, 2BH-6, and 2BH-8, which can meet the needs of multi rows.

The peanut planter has powerful functions and can complete operations such as fertilizing, sowing, spraying, mulching, soil covering, and ridge raising at one time. In addition, customers can also adjust the plant spacing and row spacing according to their own needs.

During the whole operation process, the machine is easy to operate, evenly seeded, has high work efficiency, and is durable. And it is a common tool for farmers to sow seeds daily.

Besides, peanut planters, we also have a peanut harvester, peanut picker, peanut sheller, etc. These machines help people save a lot of energy and time in the process from growing peanuts to obtaining peanut kernels.

What is the structure of the 4 row peanut planter?

The 4 row peanut planter mainly includes a fertilizer box, seedbox, opener, frame, etc. If you need ridges, mulching, spraying, and other functions, the machine will also contain more diverse structures.

The 4 row peanut planter works smoothly, with deep sowing depth, stable row spacing, and good coverage. So, high-quality peanut seedlings will grow.

4 row peanut planter structure
4 row peanut planter structure

Specification of the multi-functional groundnut planting machine

Matched power(hp)20-4040-7060-90
Seedbox capacity10kg*210kg*410kg*6
No.of rows246
Space of rows300-350mm300-350mm300-350mm
Space of seed80-300mm80-300mm80-300mm
Productivity0.5-0.8 acre/h0.8-1.6 acre/h1.6-3.2acre/h
Seeding rate>98%>98%>98%
multi-functional groundnut planting machine parameters

Groundnut planting machine’s working video

working video of the groundnut planting machine

How to use a multi-functional groundnut planter?

1. Pre-Operation Inspection:

Turn on the 4 row peanut planter and observe whether all the parts are working properly.

2. Loading Fertilizer and Seeds:

If the 4 row peanut planter is running normally, put the fertilizer and seeds into the fertilizer box and seedbox respectively.

3. Initiating Fertilization Process:

Then turn on the peanut planter. The fertilizer in the fertilizer box enters the fertilizing shovel through the outer wheel groove fertilizer applicator. The shovel digs the soil layer while applying the fertilizer to the soil.

4. Seed Planting and Ditching:

After completing the fertilizing process, the seeds in the seed metering device will enter the ditch under the drive of the gear. The seeds in the sowing box enter the planter. The ditch discharging device sows the peanut seeds evenly in the two ditches while discharging the soil and ditching.

5. Integrated Herbicide Application:

The herbicide barrel is installed on the front end of the tractor. The air inlet end is installed on the air outlet of the air storage barrel of the tractor air compressor. The tractor can give it a certain air pressure to achieve the purpose of spraying, thereby completing ridging at one-time sowing, fertilizing, spraying, and mulching.

What are the advantages of a multi-functional peanut planter?

1. The 4 row peanut planter is simple in structure, light in weight, and easy to operate by one person.

2. It is suitable for various terrains such as hills and mountains, which can meet people’s needs for different terrains. And at the same time, it has little damage to the ditch ground.

3. The width of the film can be adjusted, and single-row or multi-row seeding can be performed. The additional lamination pressing wheel has little damage to the lamination and makes the lamination successful at one time.

4. The device can integrate sowing, spraying, and filming, which greatly improves peanut sowing efficiency and can also meet people’s different needs.

5. The seeding row spacing of the peanut planter is adjustable.

6. The sowing precision of the 4 row peanut planter is high, which can save seeds. The quality of sowing is high, the standard of sowing depth is consistent, and the emergence rate is high.

6-row peanut planter sold to Kenya

A customer from Kenya reached us through Alibaba last week. Our sales managers communicate with customers through WhatsApp. After understanding the customer’s needs, we recommend a 6-row peanut planter to the customer.

Later, the customer learned that our machine can add two functions of ridge and lamination and requested to add these two functions.

Finally, the customer decides to place an order. Before delivery, we test the 4 row peanut planter for the customer and send the test video according to the customer’s request. Below are the package delivery pictures.

Why do customers choose our 4 row peanut planter?

1. High-quality machine. We are a manufacturer mainly producing agricultural machinery, and the quality of all products meets high international standards.

2. Professional sales staff. Our sales managers fully understand the products, can answer various questions of customers, and recommend suitable machines to customers.

3. Convenient payment method. We support multiple payment methods such as Trade Assurance, T/T, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Western Union, Cash, etc. Customers can choose according to their convenience.

4. Transparent communication process. During the whole communication process, we will take pictures of the machine, a working video, and a test machine video for customers.

5. We can provide customers with online and offline after-sales service. Online through video, offline we will send people to help customers solve problems.

Invest in Shuliy’s 4 row peanut planter

In conclusion, our 4-row peanut planter stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, serving not only as a highly efficient farming tool but as the key partner for your future bountiful harvests. Renowned for outstanding engineering design, reliable mechanical performance, and excellent customer service, our company takes pride in delivering top-tier solutions.

By choosing our product, you embrace cutting-edge agricultural technology that translates into higher yields and faster planting efficiency. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for agricultural producers. If you are interested in our 4-row peanut planter or have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Our dedicated team is ready to provide detailed product information, customization options, and competitive pricing. Contact us now, and let’s work together to propel your agricultural endeavors forward. We look forward to offering you the best peanut planting solutions tailored to your needs!

  1. The machine is simple in structure, light in weight, and easy to operate by one person.
  2. It is suitable for various terrains such as hills and mountains, and it has little damage to the ditch ground.
  3. The width of the film can be adjusted, and single-row or multi-row seeding can be performed. 
  4. The device can integrate sowing, spraying, and filming, which greatly improves the peanut sowing efficiency.
  5. The seeding row and planting spacing of the peanut planter can be adjusted.
  6. The sowing precision of the machine is high, saving seeds. And the quality of sowing is high, and the standard of sowing depth is consistent.