Peanut harvesting equipment丨Groundnut harvesting machine

The peanut harvesting equipment is a machine that integrates the functions of digging and loosening, conveying, shaking, and laying. And this machine needs to work with a tractor. The power of the tractor needs to be more than 30 horsepower.

The peanut harvesting equipment has the advantages of a smooth operation process, high efficiency, and less fruit leakage. Our peanut harvesters have been exported to many foreign countries, such as Italy, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, etc. Customers are very satisfied with our machines.

peanut harvester working video

Introduction of the peanut harvesting equipment

This peanut harvesting equipment is tractor-mounted. And transmit the power through PTO. When the peanut harvester is working, the digging shovel will cut off the taproot at a depth of about 10cm, so that the peanuts will rise out of the ground along the shovel surface and be laid in strips.

The back of the shovel has grating bars arranged longitudinally so that dirt can escape. The peanuts for the final slivers are collected manually. One can use a peanut picker to separate fruit seedlings. In addition, we also have peanut shellers, the peanuts after shelling are clean and the broken rate is low.

What makes up a groundnut harvesting machine?

The groundnut harvesting machine mainly includes a digging shovel, PTO, frame, conveyor belt, vibrating screen, transmission handle, bevel outlet, and wheels. The whole machine has a compact structure, simple operation, and high work efficiency.

What is the function of each part of the peanut harvester?

1. Excavating Blade:

This essential component delicately excavates the soil to scoop out the peanuts without causing any damage to their integrity.

2. Power Take-Off (PTO) System:

Responsible for transmitting the tractor’s power to the small-scale peanut harvester, enabling it to execute a series of crucial operations during the harvesting process.

structure of the peanut harvesting equipment
structure of the peanut harvesting equipment

3. Conveyor Mechanism:

Once the peanuts are excavated, this conveyor belt efficiently transports them to the subsequent processing stages, facilitating a seamless workflow.

4. Vibration Screen:

Positioned strategically, this screen plays a pivotal role in shaking off any soil debris clinging to the surface of the peanut pods, ensuring cleanliness and quality.

5. Precision Angled Outlet:

As the peanuts, along with the seedlings, exit the harvester, they are meticulously arranged in a neat row by the angled outlet. This arrangement optimizes ease of collection, streamlining the harvesting process for efficiency and convenience.

automatic Peanut harvesting equipment
automatic Peanut harvesting equipment

What is the detailed specification of an automatic peanut harvester?

Power20-35HP tractor
Harvest width800mm
Packing rate≥98%
Breaking Rate≤1%
Cleaning Rate≥95%
Harvester widthtwo rows
Distance between rows750-850mm
Row spacing180-250mm
automatic peanut harvester’s specification

How does an automatic peanut harvesting machine work?

groundnut harvester working process

What are the advantages of the green peanut harvester?

  1. With its exceptional efficiency, the green peanut harvester stands out for its remarkable productivity. Powered by a tractor, this machine operates continuously while in motion, ensuring a seamless harvesting process without any interruptions.
  2. Post-harvest, the peanuts emerge remarkably clean with minimal soil residue. This achievement is attributed to the integrated vibrating screen within the harvester, meticulously designed to dislodge and separate any adhering soil or sand from the surface of the peanut pods.
  3. Notably, the peanut harvester boasts an impressively low failure rate, owing to its meticulously engineered design and robust construction. Utilizing a chain-driven system for both soil shaking and transportation, the entire machinery operates with exceptional smoothness, resulting in minimal breakdowns or operational issues.
  4. Remarkably versatile, the peanut harvesting equipment demonstrates remarkable adaptability to various soil conditions. Whether harvesting in dry lands, wetlands, sandy terrains, or combined soil types, this equipment excels across diverse environments, showcasing its unparalleled adaptability and efficiency in agricultural operations.

Common problems and solutions of peanut harvesters

1. The fuselage is unstable.

There is a problem with the swing of the peanut harvester.
Solution: Adjust the length of the connecting rod to adjust.

2. Soil removal is not good.

The reason is that the digging shovel is too deep into the soil, resulting in the reduction of the swing strength.
Solution: Adjust the length of the central tie rod.

3. Lose more fruit.

More fruit drop is caused by the digging shovel being raised too high.
Solution: extending the length of the central tie rod can solve the problem of excessive fruit drops.

Walking tractor peanut harvester sold to Senegal

Our website recently received a query from a client based in Senegal, who expressed interest in peanut harvesting equipment. Upon receiving the inquiry, our business manager promptly initiated communication with the customer via WhatsApp, ensuring seamless interaction and addressing any queries or concerns they had.

Through our discussions, it became evident that our automatic peanut harvesting machine perfectly matched the customer’s requirements for daily peanut harvesting tasks. Furthermore, the pricing of the peanut harvester fell comfortably within the customer’s budget constraints, making it an ideal choice for their agricultural needs.

Following thorough deliberation, the customer made the decision to proceed with placing an order for the peanut harvester. We are delighted to have earned their trust and look forward to fulfilling their order promptly.

Below, you’ll find the packaging and shipping diagram detailing the process of preparing and delivering the peanut harvesting equipment to our valued customer in Senegal.

Choose our groundnut harvesting machine

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