Peanut picker丨High capacity groundnut picking machine   

Peanut pickers can harvest the peanuts automatically. The picking rate of our peanut picking machine can reach 99% and the breaking rate and impurity rate are less than 1%. So, the finished products are clean and free of seedlings. Farmers can pack processed peanuts directly without secondary conditioning.

With high efficiency, low consumption, and good working effect peanut pickers are widely welcomed by many foreign countries. Examples, are Sri Lanka, Senegal, Angola, Nigeria, Saint Kitts, and Nevis.

Introduction of the peanut picker

We have two types of peanut groundnut picking machines. One is the small dry peanut picking machine. Another is a high-capacity groundnut picking machine. They are 5HZ-600 and 5HZ-1800. They have different outputs. As for the power, the small peanut picker can work through the motor or diesel engine.

The 5HZ-1800 peanut picker needs a tractor for power. So, they can work in the fields. Also, we manufacture other peanut-related machines, such as peanut planters, peanut harvesters, peanut shellers, screw oil press machines, etc. Customers can choose the machine according to their needs.

small peanut picker
small peanut picker

Why do you need to buy a peanut picking machine?

Peanut pickers are essential agricultural machines designed to streamline the harvesting process of peanuts, a popular legume cultivated for its versatile uses in food products and oil extraction.

These innovative devices have revolutionized the traditional method of manually picking peanuts, offering increased efficiency and productivity in the agricultural sector.

automatic peanut picker for sale
automatic peanut picker for sale

Peanut pickers are equipped with advanced mechanisms that automate the harvesting of peanuts from the soil, reducing the labor-intensive nature of the task.

These machines are designed to carefully extract peanuts from the plants without causing damage to the crops, ensuring a high-quality yield. The efficiency of peanut pickers significantly accelerates the harvesting process, enabling farmers to cover larger areas of cultivation in less time.

Type 1: Small peanut picker

This model of peanut picker has a small volume, easy operation, and is easy to move. Its capacity is 800-1000kg per hour, which meets the home’s daily use for picking peanuts. And we equipped this peanut picker with wheels so you can move it anywhere.

What’s more, we also produced a matching elevator, and the other end of the hoist has hooks to hold bags. Therefore, the elevator can directly transport the processed peanuts into the bag, which is more convenient.

peanut harvester for large farm
peanut harvester for large farm

Structure of the groundnut picking machine

This groundnut mainly has an inlet, big impurities outlet, fans, seedling picking device, vibrating screen, light impurities outlet, elevator, wheels, and power(motor or diesel engine). Because there is a vibrating screen and fans, the processed peanut is clean enough to be packed.

small peanut picker structure
small peanut picker structure

Specification of the automatic peanut picking machine

Power7.5kw motor,10HP diesel engine
Picking rate>99%
Breaking rate<1%
Impurity rate<1%
automatic peanut picking machine parameters

What is the workflow of the groundnut picker machine?

commercial groundnut picking machine
commercial groundnut picking machine

1. Machine Initialization and Inspection:

Firstly, start the groundnut picker machine. And check if there is a problem with the machine.

2. Feeding Peanuts with Seedlings:

If the machine does not have any problems. We put the peanuts with seedlings through the feeding port.

3. Automatic Operation of Dry Peanut Picker:

Then we do not need to do things. And the dry peanut picker’s fruit picking device will work. And at the same time, the fans blow the impurities out through the impurity outlet.

4. Vibrating Screen for Soil and Sand Removal:

Next, the groundnut picking machine’s vibrating screen will shake off the soil and sand on the peanut shells. Peanuts would be much cleaner.

5. Final Processing and Packaging:

Finally, the processed peanut enters the bag through the elevator.

Working video of the small peanut picking machine

small peanut picking machine working process

Type 2: High capacity groundnut picking machine

This model of groundnut harvesting machine has three types. Two of the models have different fan shapes, and one has a collection box.

These types of machines have a bigger output than type 1. Also, these peanut picking machines have two big fans, which have more powerful power to blow the impurities. And it works with the tractor, so it can work in the field.

high capacity peanut picker
high capacity peanut picking machine

The main components of the multifunctional peanut picking machine

This peanut picking machine comprises a frame, PTO, inlet, picking device, fans, vibrating screen, two impurities outlets, wheels, elevator with hook, etc. The working effect is great, there are no impurities in the processed peanuts.

multifunctional peanut picking machine
multifunctional peanut picking machine

Detailed information on the high-efficiency peanut picking machine

Power22kw motor,28 HP diesel engine, or ≥35 HP tractor
Rotation speed of the roller550r/min
Loss rate≤1%
Broken rate≤3%
Impurity rate≤2%
Inlet dimension1100*700mm
The height from the inlet to the ground1050mm
The model of separation and cleaningVibrating screen and draught fan
The dimension of the screen3340*640mm
Dimension of machine6550*2000*1800mm
The diameter of the roller600mm
The length of the roller1800mm
high-efficiency peanut picking machine’s parameters
groundnut harvester with a good price
groundnut harvester with a good price

How does the 5HZ-1800 peanut picker work?

groundnut picker machine working video

What are the features of the groundnut picking machine?

  1. The feeding inlet is widened and it can send the peanut with seedlings into the fruit picking device automatically.
  2. Fans are improved, which has strong wind. So, it can clean the fruits cleanly and quickly.
  3. The height of the tuyere is adjustable.
  4. The machine can load the finished peanut into the bag automatically, which can save much time and energy.

Dry peanut picker sold to Sri Lanka

A customer comes from Sri Lanka and leaves his contact information after browsing our website. Then our sales manager contacted him through his WhatsApp.

And our sales manager recommends the type 1 peanut picker according to his output needs. Finally, the customer decided to buy a small peanut picking machine after consideration. Below is the feedback video of the small dry peanut picker.

feedback video of the small dry peanut picker

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peanut picking machine with collector
peanut picking machine with collector

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