Single row corn harvester丨small corn picker

Now the single row corn harvester is popular in many countries. Also, the small corn picker is small, light, and easy to operate, which can meet the needs of many farmers. This small corn picker is affordable and fills the need of farmers who have fields in hills, mountains, and other places where large machines are difficult to access and work. Also, we recommend small corn harvesters to farmers with small-scale fields to harvest corn. Besides, we also have walking tractor mounted corn harvesters, potato harvesters, peanut harvesters, and wheat rice harvesters. This article mainly introduces the single-row corn harvester.

What is a single row corn harvester?

Small single-row corn harvesters can only harvest one row of corn at a time. And the machine can pick off the corn, and at the same time smash the corn stalks back into the field. Regarding power, we can equip the corn harvester with gasoline and diesel engines. So, customers can choose according to their needs. And this corn picker is easy to operate and has four wheels for easy mobility. Besides, there is a basket on one side of the corn picker. When the basket is full, the customer can open the basket and the harvested corn will form a pile. Also, You can also install a bag under the basket for easy corn collection. And the corn harvester is applicable for small land blocks, mountainous regions, and hilly grounds.

What parts make up a small corn picker?

This small corn picker mainly includes frame, hopper, power(gasoline or diesel engine), the wheel with tire, handle, grip for height adjustment, walking clutch, roller, crushing device, etc. The pull-behind corn harvester is small in size, easy to install, simple to operate, and walking convenient.

small corn harvester
small corn harvester

How does the home use maize harvester work?

What are the advantages of pull behind corn harvester?

1. This pull behind corn harvester is small and adaptable, and we can use it for sporadic fields such as hills and mountains that large corn harvesters cannot pass through. 

2. Complete functions, such as picking ears, boxing, smashing and returning the straw to the field, etc. This small sweet corn harvester almost has the same functions as the large corn harvester.   

3. It is easy to install and disassemble, and truly achieve multiple uses in one machine.   

4. The operation is flexible, and the turning radius is small and easy to operate. The cutting height can be adjusted, and customers can adjust it according to their own needs.

How to choose a home use maize harvester correctly?

1. Regional applicability. The single-row corn harvester is suitable for small fields, hills, mountains, etc.

2. The issue of cost recovery after investment should be considered. Customers can choose the right size maize harvester according to the benefit.

3. Power matching. Choose the appropriate power according to local conditions, gasoline engine or diesel engine.

4. Consider straw disposal methods. The single-row corn harvester directly smashes the stalks back to the field. Customers should choose a suitable straw harvester according to their own needs.


1. Can this harvester peel the skin of corn?

No, it can’t

2. Where is the corn straw after harvesting?

They will return to the field after crushing by 10 blades in the bottom of the machine.

3. What is the stubble height?

We can adjust, but the minimum height is 10cm.

4. How many crushing blades?

There are 10 crushing blades in the bottom.

5. Are the blades easy broken parts? How long can I use it?

Yes, the blades are easily broken parts, especially meeting with big stones or other very hard obstacles. Usually, we can use it for one year. We send you an extra 1 unit (10pcs) for free with the corn harvester when delivery.

6. Will there be some corn that cannot be harvested?

With practice experience, the corn harvesting rate is more than 98%.

7. How much corn can be collected in the container at the side of the machine?

Depending on the corn size, usually, it can collect 30-50pcs.

Small sweet corn picker sold to Malaysia

Our customers from Malaysia get our contact information from Alibaba. Our sales manager learned through communication that the customer needs a corn harvester. The client’s budget is not high and the area to be harvested is not large. So we recommend a small sweet corn harvester to the client. Since the customer wanted to buy one for a friend, the customer finally decided to buy two machines from us. Below are the packaging and shipping pictures of the home use corn harvester machine.