Pumpkin seed extractor | watermelon seed harvesting machine

Pumpkin seed extractor is professional equipment that can extract the seed efficiently. And this machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality, long service life, etc. So, this machine has always been welcomed by foreign customers.

This machine can process different materials, such as pumpkin, watermelon, squash, etc. And the extracted seeds have a high integrity rate and are clean. Also, this pumpkin seed extractor has wheels and works with the tractor. So, it is easy to move anywhere, which saves much manpower. Also, you can plant the pumpkin by using the vegetable seed planter.

Introduction of pumpkin seed harvesting machine

The operation of the pumpkin seed extractor machine is simple. You don’t need to spend too much time learning how to use the machine. We have two models of pumpkin seed harvesting machines. And they are separately 5TZ-500 and 5TZ-1500. 5TZ-500 watermelon seed extractor can work with diesel engines, electric motors, and tractors.5TZ-1500 can only work with tractors. A watermelon seed harvesting machine powered by a tractor has wheels. So you can move the machine around the field as you like.

As the machine can handle different crops. So we have screens with different meshes to match the machine. According to your crop, we will introduce a suitable screen to you. These two different machine models have different outputs. So customers can choose the machine, according to their needs.

Type 1:Introduction to S5TZ-500

This model is a smaller size pumpkin seed extraction machine. This pumpkin seed extractor can complete several operations such as crushing, squeezing, separating and cleaning at one time. It is mainly used for pumpkin seed removal.The machine’s power input using wheeled tractor, motor and diesel engine. And it is easy to use, easy to operate, safe and reliable operation, reasonable performance structure, is the ideal seed extraction machine.Also, crushing, separation, cleaning device are using special mold stamping, welding to ensure reliable performance.

Structure of watermelon seed harvester

The pumpkin seed extractor is mainly composed of a frame, a feeding hopper, a crushing box, a separation barrel, a cleaning barrel, a seed rack, a sprocket, a chain, and other components.

Structure of watermelon seed harvester
Structure of watermelon seed harvester

Detailed information of the pumpkin seed collecting machine

Working speed4-6km/h
Capacity≥500 kg/h wet pumpkin seeds
Material container1.288m3
Cleaning rate≥85%
Breaking rate≤5%
Min power30hp
Max power50hp
Connect waythree-point linkage
pumpkin seed collector’s parameter

What are the features of pumpkin seed collector’s structure?

1. The high-quality steel is welded into a frame, which has a reasonable structure, is strong, and is durable.

2. The unique spiral cylinder is easy to remove plants such as vines and weeds, and the work efficiency is high.

3. The installation positions of components such as crushing, extrusion, separation, and cleaning are adjustable, which increases the adjustment range of the machine.

4. We use high-quality steel to produce a shaft system. And then we process them integrally after assembly and welding. So our pumpkin seed collector has high precision.

5. Adopt high-quality bearings and standard parts to ensure the reliability of the whole pumpkin seed collecting machine.

Working flow of watermelon seed harvesting machine

  1. Feed the pumpkin into the machine feed hopper manually. Then the crushing device below the hopper crushes the pumpkin for them firstly.
  2. Then the crushed pumpkin enters the separation barrel. The separation shaft in the separation barrel will agitate the crushed pumpkin. And during this process, the rind and part of the pulp are discharged from the separation barrel.
  3. Then the seeds and pulp go into the cleaning barrel. And at the same time, the cleaning shaft rotates to discharge the seeds and pulp from different outlets.

Working video of pumpkin seed collector

Working video of pumpkin seed collector

Type 2: big size melon seed extraction machine

This model is different from the S5TZ-500 in terms of output, shape and function. This pumpkin seed extractor can collect pumpkins and watermelons directly in the field while doing the seed extraction. The extracted seeds go to the seed collection box through the elevator. The machine does not require people to manually put the material into the machine. It ties the material as it moves forward and then enters the seed picking section. Therefore, using this pumpkin seed picker is more labor-saving and convenient.

And it can complete many operations such as picking, crushing, squeezing, separating, cleaning, storing and unloading seeds at one time. The machine adopts a unique suspension method and spiral cylinder. So, it is convenient for removing plants, and can save time and improve work efficiency.

Components of the big pumpkin seed extracting machine

Seed extraction machine mainly consists of a frame, melon picker, seed extraction machine, crushing box, cleaning bucket, lifting bucket tank, seed storage box, supporting wheel, gearbox, hydraulic line, and other components.

Specification of the pumpkin seed extractor

Working speed2-5km/h
Capacity≥1500 kg/h wet watermelon seeds
Material container1.288m3
Cleaning rate≥85%
Breaking rate≤0.3%
Input speed540-720rpm
Connect waythree-point linkage
watermelon seed harvester’s parameter

What advantages does the melon seed extractor has?

  1. The frame adopts square tube combination type frame.
  2. Full tine box distributes power.
  3. Double seed picker structure.
  4. Scraper type double lifting device.
  5. Tine box type weeding mechanism.
  6. 1500 large diameter melon tying cylinder.
  7. Optional display monitor; heavy duty axle head and high pressure tire.

Working procedures of pumpkin seed extractor

a) Through the self-weight of the melon barrel, the seed melon which has been collected by collecting machine is sent into the crushing box of the machine by the melon barrel.
b) They are broken up by the action of the blades and spirals on the crushing shaft and transported to the seed extractor.
c) The crushed seed melon is further squeezed under the action of the cone bevel of the seed picker.
d) Under the action of stirring of the separation shaft, the melon rind and part of the melon flesh are discharged from the separation cylinder. And the melon seeds and melon water fall into the churning box through the separation screen, etc.
e) The stirring wheel shaft will feed the melon seeds and flesh of the melon into the cleaning drum.
f) Through the rotation of the cleaning shaft, the melon seeds, melon water and a small amount of melon flesh are further separated and cleaned.
g) The melon seeds are squeezed by the cleaning shaft and passed through the seed outlet.
h) The cleaned melon seeds enter the seed storage box through the scraper type lifting hopper trough.
i) When the storage box is full, it is lifted to one side under the action of oil cylinder, and the melon seeds are loaded into the transport vehicle through the pipeline.

Application of watermelon seed harvester

Besides the watermelon seed, our machine can also process pumpkin, squash, melon, etc. And normally, the seed of these crops can be used in skincare, medicine, health care products, and other fields, which has great value.

Application of watermelon seed harvester

Packing and shipping of pumpkin seed extractor

This seed extractor is hot sale in many foreign countries, such as Australia, Mexico, Philippines, Canada, USA, France, Morocco, Israel, South Africa, etc. Below are the pictures of the packing and shipping the machine to Canada.

The customer sent us an email by visiting our website. In the email, the customer indicated that he needed a S5TZ-500 pumpkin seed extractor. So the sales manager immediately contacted the customer via email and provided a quotation. During the communication process, the customer needed two additional screens with different mesh sizes. So we revised the quotation to the customer. After that the customer decided to place an order.