Rice grader rice grading machine in rice mill plant

Introduction of the rice grader

A Rice grader is a machine that can divide rice according to its diameters. Then the rice with different diameters is discharged from different outlets. Usually, the complete rice will enter the same bag. And the broken rice enters another bag. If you want to divide the rice more clearly, you can receive each diameter rice into different bags. The motor provides the power to the machine. This machine works steadily and has a long service life. There are rubber balls in the sieve. And the function of these balls is to avoid the clog of the sieve’s mesh. This machine has different models according to the size of the mesh and the width of the sieve. You can choose the corresponding model on the basis of your needs. It is an integral part of the rice milling unit just like the gravity paddy separator.

Structure of the rice grading machine

The rice grading machine includes outlets, star shape handle, sieve, rubber ball, motor, frame etc.

The functions of the various parts that make up the rice grading sieve

  1. Outlets: different models has different layers of screens. So the number of the outlets is different. But no matter which model it is, there is always an outlet for discharging broken rice.
  2. Star shape handle: turn the star-shaped handle to be parallel to the ground, and then you can take out the screen.
  3. Sieve: different model has different size mesh. Different size mesh can sieve different grains, such as wheat, rice and corn etc. You can choose the suitable size of mesh on the basis of your requirements.
  4. Rubber ball: The bounce of the rubber ball will clear the blocked screen.
  5. Motor: Provide the power to the machine.

The working principle of the rice grader machine  

It makes use of the difference between broken rice and whole rice grains to make overlapping rotations on the screen surface of the plane rotation. Then friction advances to form an automatic grading classification.

Technical parameter of the rice milling machine

Technical parameter of the rice milling machine

Why do you need the white rice grader in rice mill plant?

  1. The function is to classify and sort the finished rice, and extract broken rice that exceeds the requirements. Its performance directly affects the purity of the finished rice and is the main equipment to determine the content of broken rice.
  2. The market’s requirements for rice quality continue to increase, and it is necessary to effectively control the content of broken rice.
  3. The lower the content of broken rice, the higher the price and profit in the market.
  4. The more detailed the grading of rice, the better it can meet the needs of different people and the market’s needs.
white rice grader in rice mill plant
white rice grader in rice mill plant