Small rice milling machine/household rice mill with grinder

Small rice milling machine is a device that can process brown rice into the rice. With the gradual improvement of living standards, people put forward higher requirements for the quality of rice, which makes the rice milling process improve rapidly. The output of the small rice mill is suitable for home use or small workshops, small factories, etc.

The small rice milling machine has the characteristics of small size, high speed, convenient operation, easy to move, and low noise. When we use the rice milling machine, we can adjust the rice milling degree of the machine according to our own needs. This way people can get rice as expected. The treated rice is white and free of impurities and can be sold directly.

Introduction of small rice milling machine

Our small rice mills produced by Taizy have various styles and can meet the needs of different customers. Therefore, in addition to the rice milling function, we can also equip the rice milling machine with the functions of crushing grains, beating, removing stones, and screening. It truly realizes a multi-purpose machine and saves energy. At the same time, customers can also carry out a variety of businesses and gain more profits.

Regarding the raw material to be processed, either round-grain rice or long-grain rice may be used. Therefore, they can handle the common rice on the market, and customers can use it with confidence. This machine has been welcomed by many countries and we have exported it to the UK, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Zambia, Congo, etc.

Besides this machine, we also have a large rice mill line that can handle large batches of rice. The production line is more intelligent and fully automatic equipment, which will save a lot of manpower and time. This article introduces various forms of rice milling machines.

The using scope of the household rice mill with grinder

This rice mill is suitable for families, farms, Chinese medicine stores, farms, ranches, fish factories, feed factories, small rice mills, etc. It can process rice, corn, soybean, mung bean, wheat, traditional Chinese medicine, and other raw materials.

Type 1: Small rice milling machine

This type of rice milling machine has only one function of milling rice and has no other additional functions. The power of the machine is the motor. We can adjust the rice milling degree of the machine by adjusting the screw on the front of the machine. The rice mill will generate heat during rice milling, so the screen is made of heat-resistant material and has a longer service life.

The structure of the rice mill

The rice milling machine is simple in structure, convenient in operation, time-saving, and labor-saving. It mainly includes a rack, feeding hopper, power, rice milling chamber, adjusting screw, discharge port, screen, and so on.

combined mini rice mill
combined mini rice mill

Type 2: Rice mill with grinder

In addition to milling rice, this type of rice mill can also grind all kinds of grains. This model of machine has one more shredding function than Type 1. The pulverizing part of this type is different, one is claw type, and the other is both grinding and beating. Customers can choose machines according to their needs. The power of this type of machine is also the motor.

The structure of the small rice mill machine

The rice milling machine mainly includes a rack, a feeding hopper, a power, a rice milling chamber, a crushing device, milling, and beating device, an adjustment screw, a discharge port, a screen, and so on.

rice mill machine with grinder
rice mill machine with grinder

Type 3: Rice mill with stoner and vibrating screen

This model of rice mill comes in many forms, we can equip it with a stoner, vibrating screen, and crusher. These additional functions customers can choose according to their needs, and we can also customize the machine. The stone remover can remove the stones, sand and other impurities contained in the untreated rice. This can reduce the damage to the rice mill and prolong its service life of the rice mill.

The function of the vibrating screen is to screen out the broken rice contained in the milled rice. The rice remaining after sieving is a complete, white, and beautiful finished product. The rice mill can add three functions a stone removal machine, vibrating screen, and pulverizer at the same time. This model of rice milling machine truly realizes a multi-purpose machine.

Structure of the multifunctional rice milling machine

The multi-function rice milling machine mainly includes a rack, an inlet, a power, a rice milling chamber, a crushing device, milling, and beating device, an adjusting screw, a discharge port, a screen, a stone remover, a vibrating screen, etc.

modern rice mill machinery
modern rice mill machinery

How does the mini rice milling machine work?

Parameters of multifunctional rice milling machine

Product Name Combined machine plus vibratory screen 
Model NO. 6N40C-9FZ21
Frequency of vibration484beats/min
Functions rice mill/flour mill/broken rice separator
Driven Engine3HP motor
Motor Details220V, 50HZ, single phase, copper 
broken rice separate rate90-93%
Capacity 150kg/h
multifunctional rice milling machine’s parameter

Working principle of home rice mill

The rice mill mainly uses mechanical force to peel and whiten brown rice. Brown rice enters the rice milling device from the feeding hopper through the flow regulating mechanism. Then the screw head sends the brown rice to the rice milling roller, and the rice follows the sanding roller spirally.

During this process, the sand rollers will rub the brown rice, and at the same time, there will be friction between the rice grains and between the rice grains and the rice sieve. Finally, brown rice becomes rice. At the same time, the bran powder will be threshed and the rice grains will be removed by the air spray, and the sieve holes will be excluded. In the end, we will have clean and beautiful rice.

What are the advantages of the multifunctional rice mill?

1. Simple structure and easy operation. People don’t need to learn to operate the rice mill, they only need to see it once to operate it. One-person operation saves time and effort.

2. Household rice milling machine, small size, and weight, easy to move, so people can mill rice in any place.

3. The rice milling machine has little vibration during work, so it should not be fixed especially.

4. The household rice mill has a good sealing effect, and the dust spillage is very small when the machine is working, which is clean and hygienic.

5. Rice milling effect is good, all rice grains are processed. And the broken rate of finished rice grains is low, and the quality of finished products is high.

Rice milling machine sold to Nigeria

The customer is from Nigeria and the customer leaves a message through our website. Our business managers communicate with customers via WhatsApp. After communication, we learned that the client wanted to open a small rice milling workshop. We recommend rice milling and crushing machines according to the specific needs of customers. Finally, the customer decided to order two integrated rice milling and crushing machines. The following is the packaging and delivery diagram of the machine.