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The silage spreader machine is a vital agricultural implement designed for the uniform distribution of silage in fields.

Silage, a fermented feed made from green forage crops like corn or grass, serves as a crucial nutritional source for livestock during various seasons.

To ensure the efficient utilization of silage and its even coverage across agricultural fields, farmers employ the use of silage spreader machines.

The main components of the silage spreader machine

Typically attached to tractors for efficient mobility across fields, the machine comprises a hopper, a conveying system, and a spreading mechanism.

The hopper stores the silage, while the conveying system transports it to the spreading mechanism, which ensures the even dispersal of silage on the field surface.

Different types of silage spreader

Silage spreaders play a pivotal role in modern agriculture, facilitating the efficient distribution of forage materials across fields. Among the various types available, electric, diesel, and self-propelled silage spreaders stand out for their unique features and capabilities.

1. Electric Silage Spreader:

Electric Silage Spreader
Electric Silage Spreader

Electric silage spreaders are powered by electricity and are known for their eco-friendly operation. These machines offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for farmers seeking a sustainable approach to forage distribution.

The electric models are often favored for their quiet operation and low maintenance requirements. They contribute to reducing the environmental impact of agricultural activities, making them a choice for those prioritizing green farming practices.

Total size3.6*1.5*2.0m
Bin size2.0*1.2*1.4m
Belt width400mm
Spreading height60cm
Electric Silage Spreader Parameters

2. Diesel Silage Spreader:

Diesel Silage Spreader
Diesel Silage Spreader

Diesel silage spreaders are robust and powerful, suitable for handling large-scale farming operations. These machines are known for their high torque and durability, making them capable of covering extensive areas efficiently.

Diesel-powered spreaders are often preferred in situations where a constant and powerful energy source is crucial. The versatility and fuel efficiency of diesel engines make these spreaders suitable for various forage materials, ensuring reliable performance in diverse agricultural settings.

Total size4.7*1.7*2.2m
Inlet size2500*1400mm
Outlet size600*470mm
Spreading height60cm
Diesel Silage Spreader Parameters

3. Self-Propelled Silage Spreader with Mixing Functionality:

Self-Propelled Silage Spreader
Self-Propelled Silage Spreader

The self-propelled silage spreader, equipped with a mixing function, represents a cutting-edge solution in forage distribution technology. This innovative machine not only spreads silage but also incorporates a mixing mechanism. This feature allows the spreader to handle materials like straw and grass efficiently.

While it doesn’t process grains due to the slow rotation of the blades following the leaf agitation, it excels in shredding and blending longer straw. The mixing and crushing action achieved through the agitation and blade contact enables the effective breakdown of straw into finer particles, enhancing its suitability for animal consumption.

Total size5000*1800*2300mm
Inlet size1050*700mm
Outlet size700*500mm
Self-Propelled Silage Spreader Parameters

Why need to buy a forage spreading car?

  1. Efficient Forage Distribution:
    • Forage spreading cars are designed to ensure the even and efficient distribution of silage or other forage materials across fields. This promotes uniform coverage and helps prevent overconsumption or underutilization of feed resources.
  2. Time and Labor Savings:
    • Mechanized forage spreading significantly reduces the time and labor required for manual distribution. This allows farmers to cover larger areas more quickly, optimizing their operational efficiency.
  3. Increased Productivity:
    • By streamlining the forage distribution process, these machines contribute to increased productivity on the farm. Livestock can have access to a consistent and well-distributed feed source, promoting healthier and more productive animals.
  4. Cost-Effective Feed Management:
    • Forage spreading cars assist in minimizing feed wastage by ensuring controlled and precise distribution. This contributes to cost savings, as farmers can make the most out of their forage resources without unnecessary losses.
  5. Improved Nutritional Balance:
    • Even distribution of forage materials helps maintain a balanced nutritional intake for livestock. This is crucial for their overall health, growth, and reproduction.
  6. Versatility:
    • Many forage spreading machines are versatile and can handle various types of forage materials. This adaptability allows farmers to use the equipment for different crops and seasons.
Silage spreader machine for sale
Silage spreader machine for sale


Committed to delivering efficient and reliable silage spreaders, our company addresses the diverse needs of farms in forage distribution and processing. Whether electric, diesel, or self-propelled with mixing functionality, our product range emphasizes sustainability, durability, and innovation.

Opting for our silage spreaders ensures outstanding product performance and professional after-sales service. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to enhance agricultural efficiency and foster sustainable development. Reach out to our sales team for detailed information, and let us tailor the optimal solution for your specific requirements.

Silage spreader machine with a good price
Silage spreader machine with a good price