Straw cutting machine丨Chaff cutter equipment

The straw cutting machine serves the purpose of cutting and pulverizing various materials such as chaff, straw, maize stalk, sorghum, silage, and virtually any type of straw into finely processed grass, suitable for feeding animals.

This finely processed grass can be utilized as feed for a variety of animals, including cattle, cows, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits, etc., facilitating easy digestion for the animals.

The machine is constructed with a robust and durable hammer blade structure. Additionally, it incorporates a conveyor belt for efficient feeding of the grass, ensuring a minimum working efficiency of at least 4t/h.

working video of the Chaff cutter machine

Parameters of straw cutting machine

Speed of Main Shaft1750r/min1750r/min1750r/min
Blades Quantity40pcs48pcs80pcs
Chaff cutter equipment parameters

Suitable materials for silage cutting machine

Chaff cutter equipment in display
Chaff cutter equipment in display

The silage cutting machine is a versatile piece of equipment suitable for processing various materials. Its primary applicable materials include grass and straw, encompassing a variety of plant-based sources.

This includes but is not limited to, different types of grass such as green grass and hay, as well as various straw types like corn stalks, sorghum stalks, and more.

How does the chaff cutter equipment work?

1. Feeding Material:

The raw material, which can be straw, hay, or other types of forage, is manually or mechanically fed into the chaff cutter. The straw cutter has a conveyor belt to assist in this process.

2. Cutting Mechanism:

blades of Straw cutting machine

Inside the chaff cutter, there is a cutting mechanism that consists of rotating blades or knives. These blades are designed to cut the raw material into smaller, more manageable pieces.

3. Power Source:

Chaff cutters can be powered by various sources, including electricity and diesel engines. The power source drives the cutting mechanism to perform the cutting action.

4. Collection or Discharge:

The cut material is then discharged through a spout. The collection method depends on the intended use.

5. Safety Features:

Modern chaff cutters include safety features such as emergency stop buttons, guards around moving parts, and overload protection to ensure the safety of the operator.

commercial Chaff cutter equipment
commercial Chaff cutter equipment

Key advantages of straw cutting machine

  1. Versatility: The machine is designed to cut and crush various materials, including chaff, straw, maize stalk, sorghum, and silage. This versatility makes it suitable for processing a wide range of agricultural residues.
  2. Durable Hammer Blades Structure: The adoption of a hammer blade structure enhances durability and strength. This design ensures that the machine can withstand the rigors of continuous use in agricultural operations.
  3. Conveyor Belt for Efficient Feeding: The inclusion of a conveyor belt facilitates the feeding process, contributing to higher working efficiency. This feature ensures a consistent and streamlined flow of materials through the machine.
  4. High Working Efficiency: The machine is capable of achieving a working efficiency of at least 4 tons per hour. This high efficiency is crucial for large-scale agricultural operations, saving time and labor.
Chaff cutter equipment for business
Chaff cutter equipment for business

Differences between straw cutting machine and grass chopper machine

The distinctions between a straw cutting machine and a grass chopper machine lie in their design and the characteristics of the processed material. One primary difference is the number of blades employed in each machine. The straw cutting machine is equipped with multiple blades, offering a more intricate cutting mechanism. In contrast, the grass chopper machine utilizes a single blade, simplifying its cutting structure.

Another notable dissimilarity is the form of the end product produced by each machine. The straw cutting machine yields elongated, thread-like pieces as the final output. These fine strands are well-suited for applications such as feeding cattle, cows, horses, and other livestock due to their easy digestibility.

Conversely, the grass chopper machine creates block-shaped end products. This design is particularly advantageous for certain applications where chunkier grass pieces are preferred, catering to the feeding preferences of different animals.

automatic Chaff cutter equipment
automatic Chaff cutter equipment

Supporting equipment of straw cutter

Our straw cutter not only provides advanced cutting functionality but can also be paired with a silage baler to offer a comprehensive solution for feed processing. Combining the straw cutter with a silage baler allows for more efficient preservation of feed, extending its shelf life and facilitating convenient transportation when needed.

The integration of a silage baler makes it easier to compact the cut materials into tightly wrapped packages, increasing the density of the feed and effectively reducing storage space requirements. This not only helps lower storage costs but also ensures that the feed remains fresh and nutritious for an extended period.

Moreover, the straw cutter system, when paired with a silage baler, streamlines the transportation process of feed. Packaged feed is more manageable for stacking and handling, enhancing the convenience of transportation and making agricultural production more efficient.

3.8A grass chopper
3.8A grass chopper

Invest in our straw cutting machine

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Straw cutting machine with a good price
Straw cutting machine with a good price