Thresher machine for rice wheat corn丨soybean thresher

Nowadays, agricultural mechanization is developed and the thresher machine for rice wheat is widely used. So we process crops with a variety of machinery to improve efficiency and finished grain quality. For example the common wheat corn. We would use wheat, corn planters to sow, and when the grains were ripe we would use harvesters to harvest. And in most cases, farmers thresh wheat and corn after harvest. Therefore, the thresher is also an essential farmer’s helper. There are many types of threshers on the market. I will introduce our 5TD-50, 5TD-70, 5TD-90, and 5TD-125 thresher in this article. Also, we have corn grits making machine that you can use to process corn kernels into particles.

What is the thresher machine for rice wheat?

The thresher machine can separate the fruits and stems of the harvested grains. And at the same time discharge them from different outlets. This series thresher machine is a multi-functional machine. It can not only process wheat, rice, soybean but also corn. This thresher machine for rice wheat is suitable for rural areas, plains, semi-mountainous areas, and hills. And as for the power, the soybean thresher machine can work with an electric motor, diesel, and gasoline engine. So, the wheat thresher machine can meet the different region’s requirements for power sources. Our machines have two impurity outlets. Bigmouth out big miscellaneous, small hole out light impurities. Therefore, the treated grain seeds contain very few impurities. So farmers can store the grain after the again simple process.

What material can the soybean thresher process?

This thresher machine for rice wheat can handle several common grains, such as rice(paddy), wheat, soybean, corn, sorghum, etc. But only the 5TD-50 can thresh corn at the same time. Other models cannot. They are multi-functional thresher machines.

What are the main parts of wheat thresher machine ?

Many parts make up the thresher machine for rice wheat. But the most important part is the inlet, threshing device big impurities outlet, outlet, fan, transmission gear, power device(electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine), etc.

Type1: 5TD-50 rice thresher machine

5TD-50 thresher machine for rice wheat’s power can be an electric motor, diesel, or gasoline engine. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can thresh corn. And there is no need to replace the screen when threshing other grains. It is convenient to use.

Parameter of millet thresher machine

Power6-8 hp (diesel) gasoline engine or 2.2-3kW motor
Power speed2600-2800r/min
Spindle speed920-1000r/min
Fan speed2100r/min
Threshing gap (adjustable)Inlet gap 20-40 mm
Outlet gap 5-10mm
Capacity400-600 kg/h
Size150*136*86 cm
Single package size105*95*100 cm
millet thresher machine’s parameter

Type2: 5TD-70 wheat thresher machine

5TD-70 thresher machine for rice wheat for rice and wheat can thresh soybean, sorghum, wheat, and paddy, which do not include corn. And if you need to process the soybean, we will customize the machine. What’s more, we have different screens for threshing different grains. The power of this model can be the electric motor and diesel engine.

Specification of the seed thresher

Power12-15 hp diesel engine or 7.5kW, 380V motor
Spindle speed1200r/min
Fan speed2500r/min
Capacity600-1000 kg/h(rice,wheat);400-800kg/h(soybean,sorghum)
Size1340*2030*1380 mm
Single package size1050*850*1300 cm
seed thresher’s specification

Type3: 5TD-90 modern threshing machine

5TD-90 thresher machine for rice wheat can process the same material as the 5TD-70 model. If the machine is threshing soybeans, we don’t need to customize the machine. Just change the screen, it can thresh different grains. Also, this 5TD-90 modern threshing machine can be equipped with an electric motor and diesel engine.

Detailed information on the grain thresher

      Model       5TD-90
Thresher roller rotation speed900-1040 r/min
Power7.5kw motor or 12-15HP diesel engine
Clearing formVibrating sieve, big fan
Vibration Frequency340
Fan rotation speed1040 -1100r/min
Drum diameter/lengthD=520mm(or500); L=900mm
Vibrating screen amplitude30 mm
Capacity800-1200 Kg/h rice, wheat, millet, sorghum, African millet, pearl millet, and other grains; 
Weight260 Kg(excluding chassis tires diesel weight)
Breakage rate(%)≤0.5
Unclean rate (%)≤1.0
Size(include tire and pull frame)310*170*140cm
grain thresher’s detailed information

Type4: 5TD-125 thresher machine for sorghum

5TD-125 thresher machine for rice and wheat is the same as 5TD-70 in appearance and function. But the 5TD-125 thresher machine have bigger output and size. Also, its power can be an electric motor or diesel engine.

What is the technical specification of the paddy thresher?

Power11-13kw motor or 22HP diesel engine
Weight420kg (excluding chassis tires diesel weight)
Spindle speed1050r/min
Size2500*1770*1550 mm
Single package size1600*1200*1500 cm
Fan speed2500r/min
Capacity1000-1500kg/h(rice,wheat), 600-800kg/h(soybean)
paddy thresher’s technical specification

Working flow of thresher machine for soybean

  1. Firstly, put the grain with stem into the inlet.
  2. Secondly, the threshing device will rub the grain.
  3. Then the fan will separate the impurities from the grain kernel.
  4. Finally, impurities and grains are discharged from different outlets.

Working video of thresher machine for rice soybean

Features of rice wheat thresher

  1. Easy operation. In the whole process of using the thresher machine for rice and wheat, people only need to start the machine and put the grain into the machine. And the final product will be clean grain.
  2. The advantages of clean separation, are small loss, and a high removal rate.
  3. Wide using range. Thresher machine for rice wheat can thresh rice(paddy), wheat, soybean, corn, sorghum, millet, etc. Especially, for threshing corn. Our new thresher machine adds corn threshing capabilities that were not available on previous machines. And no screen replacement is required, no matter what kind of grains are processed.
  4. High quality and long service life.

Shipment of farm thresher

After years of development, we have exported rice and wheat threshers to many foreign countries. Among them, the countries with the most transactions are Peru, Nigeria, the United States, Sierra Leone, Oman, Ghana, Gambia, etc. Our thresher machine for rice wheat are of good quality and high working efficiency and is well received by customers. Below are our package delivery pictures.