Automatic multi grain thresher for corn millet sorghum soybeans

The multi grain thresher can thresh many different grains. The machine is easy to operate and only needs to change the screen when threshing different grains. The advent of this machine addresses the need for farmers to process grain in large quantities. This reduces people’s labor intensity and improves agricultural productivity. Besides threshers, we also produce various seeders, for example, wheat seeders, corn planters, peanut seeders, etc. There are also harvesters and grinding equipment for various crops. All these machines facilitate people’s agricultural production and harvesting.

What is the multi grain thresher?

The multi grain thresher refers to the machinery equipment that can shell different grains that as corn, millet, sorghum, and soybean. So this grain thresher realizes one machine for multiple uses. The power of this machine can be electric motors, diesel, and gasoline engines. And this machine has four screens with different sizes of mash. Because different grains have different sizes of kernels. For example, when we thresh corn, a big mesh screen needed to be installed. This facilitates the smooth passage of corn kernels through the screen.

Also when threshing corn kernels, the corn can be with or without the skin. This machine has the features of high working efficiency and time and energy saving. This machine has two models, MT-860 and MT-1200. They are different in output and size. Customers can choose the models according to their needs.

Structure of corn thresher for sale

Multi grain thresher mainly includes an inlet, threshing device, draught fan, impurity outlet, light impurity export, grain export, etc.

corn sheller's structure
corn sheller’s structure

The inner structure of the threshing device

This part includes a screen cylinder hammer. When we process different grains we should change the screen with different size of mash. And it is easy to operate.

inner structure of grain thresher
inner structure of grain thresher

Working principle of automatic maize sheller

Put the grain into the multi grain thresher through the inlet part. Then the grain is hit by the high-speed rotating cylinder hammer in the threshing device. And next the kernel is separated by the sieve holes. Finally, the impurities and kernel go out from different outlets.

How does the multi-grain thresher work?

Technical parameter of grain thresher for sale

Model MT-860 MT-1200 
Capacity 1.5-2T/H 3t /h 
Threshing Rate 98% 98% 
Wheel Four Six 
Powergasoline engine10-12HP diesel engine 
sorghum thresher’s parameter

Advantages of motorized corn sheller

  1. High working efficiency. 1.5-2T/H, 3T/H.
  2. Fully automatic. After putting the grain into the machine, no manual labor is required. And the threshing and removal of impurities are all done by the machine.
  3. Easy operation. Just open the multi grain thresher. Then put the grain into the machine.
  4. Time and energy-saving. One person can complete the whole working process. Higher working speed than manual working.
  5. One machine for multiple uses. One machine can thresh four different grains(corn, millet, sorghum, soybean)
  6. The clear finished product. Our machine can separate impurities and kernels clearly.


1. How to thresh different crops?

Open the lid and change the screen. Remove the four inner shafts when removing corn.

2. What should I do if I can’t use it?

Provide video of the process of machine installation, operation, network change, etc.

3. Is it easy to move?

Wheel + push handle, easy to move.

4. Which crops can multi grain thresher be used for?

Corn, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, etc.

5. Motivation?

2.2-3kw motor, 6-8Hp diesel engine, 170F gasoline engine.

6. Yield, threshing rate?

1.5-2t/h; 98%

Industrial sorghum thresher sold to Burkina Faso

Last week, our sales manager got an RFQ from Alibaba. And we talk with this customer through email at first. After a period of time, we talk on WhatsApp and he told us that he need a multi grain thresher(gasoline power), a walking tractor, a corn planter, and a disc plow. After understanding all the needs of the customer, our salesman immediately sends a quotation to the customer. In the whole process of communication, the customer is most concerned about whether the instruction manual is in French. Most of our instructions are in English, but we can translate them into French. After solving this problem for the customer, the customer finally decides to place an order. And below is the packing and shipping pictures.