Automatic peanut sheller for sale to Kenya

In July, a Kenyan customer purchased a 6BHX-1500 automatic peanut sheller. Using the small peanut shelling machine will help the customer improve shelling efficiency!

Why did the customer buy the automatic peanut sheller?

The customer has a farm, and he grows a large area of peanuts. The customer has been selling peanuts to local supermarkets or food processing plants. Before the customer has always been people to peanut shelling, now in order to save time and manpower, the customer wants to use the peanut dehusking machine instead of manpower.

Automatic peanut sheller

Why customer choose our peanut dehusking machine?

  1. Prompt response. Cindy received the customer’s inquiry, and immediately contacted the customer to provide the customer with automatic peanut sheller pictures and videos.
  2. High-quality peanut shelling machine. The material of our peanut shelling machine meets international standards and the production process is strictly supervised. The peanut cracking machine has less maintenance and long service life.
  3. The machine has received many foreign customers’ favor. The device has been sold to many countries, and customers have expressed their support for our peanut shelling machine. We also have many old customers.

Parameters of 6BHX-1500 peanut cracking machine

Capacity (kg/h)700-800
Shelling Rate (%)≥99
Cleaning Rate (%)≥99
Breakage Rate (%)≤5
Loss Rate (%)≤0.5
Humidity (%)10
Shelling Motor 1.5KW;3KW
Cleaning Motor2.2KW
Total Weight (kg)520
Dimension (mm)1500*1050*1460
peanut cracking machine’s parameter
Peanut cracking machine
Peanut cracking machine