Shipping corn silage harvester to Cambodia

Congratulated! A customer from Cambodia has purchased a corn silage harvester from us. The purpose of the machine is to use crushed corn stalks as feed. Our straw grinder can work directly in the field to grind and collect the corn stalks. The machine needs to work together with a tractor. Since the customer had a tractor, only one straw shredding section was purchased. What’s more, we can use the silage baler to store the crushed silage.

Process of purchasing the corn silage harvester

The customer contacted us by visiting our agricultural machinery website. We communicated with the customer via WhatsApp about the corn silage harvester. We first sent the video and pictures of the machine to the customer. The customer was satisfied after seeing it. Then we sent the parameters of the straw crusher to the customer. During the communication process, the customer paid more attention to the price of the corn silage harvester. As we are a factory, the price we offer is the best. Therefore, we could not lower the price any further. The customer finally expressed his understanding. He decided to buy a corn silage harvester.

Video of silage harvester machine

Parameters of the straw crushing and recycling machine

Engine≥60HP tractor
Harvesting width1.3m
Recycling rate≥80%
Fling distance3-5m
Fling height≥2m
Rotating blade32
The length of crushed strawLess than 80mm
Working speed2-4 km/h
Capacity0.25-0.48 hectare /h
straw crushing and recycling machine parameter

Packaging and transportation of the forage harvester

After we receive the payment from the customer, we arrange to make the corn silage harvester. The finished machine is then packed in a wooden box. Since the customer has a freight forwarder in Yiwu, China. We transport the machine to the freight forwarder.

What are Taizy’s services?

  1. Provide comprehensive machine information. In the process of communication with the customer, we will provide pictures, videos, parameters, etc. to the customer. Let customers have a clear understanding of the corn silage harvester.
  2. The lowest price. We are a factory that produces agricultural machinery. Therefore, the price of the machine is the best. Customers do not have to worry about buying loss.
  3. Timely response. We will respond to any questions about the machine in time. Solve the customer’s doubts.
  4. One-year warranty. We will provide a one-year warranty for the machine received by the customer.